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BCFPBureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010)
BCFPBrocade Certified Fabric Professional
BCFPBitComet FLV Player (Flash video player)
BCFPBusiness Career Foundation Program (Boeing)
BCFPBonded Core Flat Point (bullet)
BCFPBoard-Certified Family Practitioner (various locations)
BCFPBacteria Colony Forming Particles (microbiology)
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He is a board-certified family practitioner and geriatrician.
Patrick Hanaway, MD, a board-certified family practitioner and integrative holistic physician, will open the symposium with an overview of the pivotal role of the intestinal microbiota in the normal development of the gastrointestinal and immune systems.
I am a board-certified family practitioner of 27 years and I am upset about the position of the current American Academy of Family Physicians' president, Dr.
Written by board-certified Family Practitioner Abraham Harvey Kryger, MD, DMD, A Woman's Guide to Men's Health: What You Need to Know About Male Health, Happiness, Vigor and Sexuality goes beyond its title--though it definitely contains everything a woman needs to know about men's health, it is also an invaluable primer to help men take care of their health as well.
CASE FACTS: Carmilita Robinson's physician, Craig Engles, a board-certified family practitioner, diagnosed her with an inner ear infection.
"Initially I was skeptical," says Roger Spahr, an Indiana board-certified family practitioner. "I did due diligence, found it to have value and merit without harm and decided to be a pioneer."
Despite its title, A Women's Guide To Men's Health by Abraham Harvey Kryger, MD, DMD (a board-certified family practitioner in full time practice) is an invaluable guide for both genders.