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BOASBritish Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society
BOASBank of America Study
BOASBoreioantlantikh Summaxia (NATO) in Greek
BOASBritish Orphans' Adoption Society (UK and Australia)
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Ned Newton fired two more electric bullets into the still writhing body of the boa.
It was the big boa that whipped itself around you, as you leaned over," explained Tom, as Ned came up to announce that the snake was no longer dangerous.
said Leonard, greeting that apparition with much spirit, and helping it off with its boa.
com/animal/boa-snake-family#ref40490) Boas are a group of non-venomous, constricting snakes.
As the BOA program matures, more and more communities are developing cooperative plans to guide future development," said NPCR executive director Jody Kass.
El pensamiento antropologico de Franz Boas invita a sumergirse en los cimientos intelectuales del fundador de la antropologia norteamericana: Franz Boas (1858-1942).
Boas and his teammates celebrated the goal that secured the Mexican soccer club's spot in South America's prestigious tournament, the Copa Libertadores, with a 1-0 win over Jaguares of Chiapas in the first of two InterLiga finals at The Home Depot Center.
Boas sits on the Pacific Asian Affairs Council, which he helped start a public high school after-school program on inter national affairs and later a summer travel program.
Boas argue in their fascinating and extremely useful new book, Open Networks, Closed Regimes, that shouldn't surprise.
Boas has an eye for the moment in all its disorienting actuality, the wrongness of his signifiers signifying the incongruity of what he sees.
I have really lost a lot of money by not going the tabloid route," says Boas (pronounced Boze).
Boas, a distributor of specialty products in the Netherlands, employs approximately 80 fte's and has estimated sales of NLG 70 million.