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Fifties culture and expressions like 'Bob's your uncle' adorn the pages.
Just make ID tattoos the must-have accessory for mindless hooligans, vandals and ne'er-do-wells and Bob's your uncle!
The term "Bob's your uncle" came from the time of Lord Frederick Roberts--the man who killed people in the hundreds was so kind to his own soldiers that they called him Uncle Bobs.
Telephone, the Internet, some desks and notepads; Bob's your uncle.
If we win the two games, then bob's your uncle and we are all laughing - even yourselves.'
There is even a top 10 list stating why "Bob" is best, including number 10: Government would no longer be "big brother" because "Bob's your uncle!" and number 3: Allows parents to show pride in their territory by naming their children, Jim-Bob, Billy-Bob, etc...
Simply add the prefix "domesticated" to any curatorial category you care to mention and voila, Bob's your uncle!
Hope all goes well for Dylan in his new career x STEVEN MCGUIRE: Good luck NIGEL P COOKE: From "Bob's your uncle" to "Bobby's your mother"?
So just shift the date back a few days and bob's your uncle - I'll eat it, even if it's gone green.
BOB'S YOUR UNCLE Feeneyis is hailed after his last–ditch leveller kept Armadale in Scottish Cup
amoeba with swallowed legionella bacteria) - and "Bob's your uncle" ...
Adrian Chiles, Birmingham-born presenter of BBC One's The One Show, said: "I love the simplicity of a balti - you get a big bowl of stuff, a load of bread and Bob's your uncle.