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BOBOBilling On Behalf Of (Sprint)
BOBOBurnt Out But Opulent (real estate)
BOBOBourgeoise Bohemian
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He also rose to fame on social media after several short clips showed him saying 'Hindi sila bobo [They are not stupid]' shoutout to students and groups of people.
If you will visit my Facebook and even the Facebook accounts of many people, the students, the millennials, are carrying my message na hindi na bobo ang mga tao ngayon (the people now are not stupid)," he said.
Geraint, a pest control officer who uses birds of prey to control gulls and pigeons at airfields and landfill sites, said Bobo won't be seeing active duty.
The burial comes days after one of the three accused in Bobo's murder case was convicted of killing her.
"In the past, my students have made these handmade booklets, as a sort of portable award to celebrate their work," Bobo said.
Bobo argued that the Cleveland decision did not resolve issues raised in Pearl's fight with Homewood, which bought the park at 2183 Old Brandon Road in 1998.
After Flynn lost his stuffed friend he was unable to sleep so, rather than over-excite him, Katie decided to pick up Bobo and capture the pair's reunion on camera.
As soon as Flynn sees his beloved Bobo his face lights up and the video shows him racing towards his favourite toy.
"He was a big lump of a guy and I always thought when the ball was going over my head, 'Go and head it Bobo', which he would do.
"I promise you I'm not going to do that again," Bobo cracked at a news conference Tuesday, surrounded by his wife, Lainie, and their five children.
True, Bobo (played by Mira Barkhammar) does have Lena for a caring mother.
Santa Cruz, CA, June 20, 2014 --( Lifelong Santa Cruz resident, Charlon Bobo, today announced the grand opening of a professional office in the Seabright area with an emphasis on serving local clients.