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BCBLBody Cavity-Based Lymphoma (cancer)
BCBLBattle Command Battle Laboratory
BCBLBangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.
BCBLBattle Command Battle Library
BCBLBermuda Contract Bridge League
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Early peripheral lymph node involvement of human herpesvirus 8-associated, body cavity-based lymphoma in a human immunodeficiency virus-negative patient.
Molecular and pathologic characterization of an AIDS-related body cavity-based lymphoma, including ultrastructural demonstration of human herpesvirus-8: a case report.
In addition, inhibitors were investigated by adding the minimum viral DNA amount detected by our nested PCR, previously assessed by 10-fold serial dilutions of DNA from body cavity-based lymphoma 1 cells.
Because of the unique tropism it has for serous cavities of the body, PEL was formerly referred to as a body cavity-based lymphoma [88].
(23) Two distinct types of primary pleural lymphomas have been reported: the body cavity-based lymphoma in patients with HIV and the pyothorax-associated pleural lymphoma; primary pleural non-Hodgkin lymphoma arising in an immunocompetent subject without a history of chronic pyothorax is exceptional.
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