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" With the fitness bug, body conscious women have realised that inner wear is equally or rather more important than the outer one," says Thorsten Allenstein, MD, Triumph International, the leading lingerie maker with 40 per cent brand share in the organised lingerie market.
For the body conscious, the Lab Series offers the Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel that promises to tighten and tone the appearance of the abs.
BODY CONSCIOUS The Refine Salon Spa team from the left, Dionne Robinson, Kim Robson and Karen Morris.
A Here is a woman who is very body conscious. I think deep down she thought everyone wanted to be as body conscious as her, but they didn't.
By adding the red jacket, the whole outfit becomes a little less body conscious." DKNY leather skirt ($428); mock turtleneck ($168); leather belt ($30); Linde Allard Ellen Tracy red jacket ($425); Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.
And they wonder why kids are so body conscious and develop eating disorders.
I think all women are body conscious. What really annoys me is the portrayal of women in the media, I say it to my mum and friends all the time.
A few go to the gym because they are worried about being fat - Robert Harrison, 18, a student from Middlesbrough I think men are more body conscious generally.
WIN IT'S summertime and we're all getting a little more body conscious, so there is no better time to start eating healthily.
A source said: "Like any woman, she's body conscious, so she did work really hard to get into optimum shape."
Do I feel incredibly body conscious? Absolutely" - Actress Kate Winslet on filming sex scenes
"It seems ridiculous that they can wear trousers at the infants but not when they get older.When children become 10 and 11 they are more body conscious and it's not right they should be wearing shorts in the winter.