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Nine variables were used for the statistical analysis in this study: body height (BH), presented in m; body mass (BM), presented in kg; body mass index (BMI), presented in kg/[m.sup.2]; fat mass (FM), presented in kg; trunk fat mass (TFM), presented in kg; skeletal muscle mass (SMM), presented in kg; percent of body fat mass (PBF), presented in %; percent of skeletal muscle mass (PSMM), presented in %; and fat mass index (FMI), calculated as FM/BH2 presented in kg/[m.sup.2].
Conditions Pre-LF Post-LF Body Weight (%) 51.33 [+ or -] 1.68 51.32 [+ or -] 1.39 Body Fat Mass (%) 26.63 [+ or -] 1.03 25.62 [+ or -] 1.27 Abdominal Fat Mass (%) 0.79 [+ or -] 0.009 0.78 [+ or -] 0.009 Muscle Mass (kg) 33.82 [+ or -] 2.31 35.8 [+ or -] 1.09 Conditions Pre-MF Post-MF Body Weight (%) 53.56 [+ or -] 2.41 52.93 [+ or -] 1.99 Body Fat Mass (%) 27.75 [+ or -] 0.88 27.37 [+ or -] 1.17 Abdominal Fat Mass (%) 0.79 [+ or -] 0.012 0.78 [+ or -] 0.013 Muscle Mass (kg) 34.21 [+ or -] 1.73 36.22 [+ or -] 1.39 No statistical difference was detected across all groups tested.
The BMI takes into account only the height and weight of the individual; the body composition is not taken into account [8], and therefore it is not considered a good indicator in terms of the amount of body fat mass in athletes, because high values indicate a developed muscle mass, rather than an increased amount of adipose tissue [9].
All of the results suggested that short photoperiod can reduce body mass, body fat mass, increased food intake.
Body composition assessment measurements included body weight, BMI, body fat mass percentage relative to total body mass, visceral fat area (in arbitrary units associated with abdominal visceral fat cross-sectional area (each unit equates to 10 c[m.sup.2] of visceral fat)), muscle mass, total body water, mineral bone mass, and estimated basal metabolic rate.
A clear association has been reported between low physical activity or age and height-normalised body composition parameters like body fat mass index (BFMI) and fat free mass index (FFMI) derived from BIA.13
(29) Even more impressive, carnitine's mitochondria-friendly actions help reduce body fat mass, which in turn improves insulin sensitivity and may help control blood sugar levels.
Conversely, lower body fat mass and adiponectin level showed significant graded, inverse associations with incident prediabetes and diabetes.
Body Fat Mass (BFM) and body fat percent (BF%) were obtained using BIA method by hand-to-hand Omron BF-500 set, Japan.
Total body fat mass measured by DXA decreased up to 8.2% from baseline at day 113 in the 3 mg/kg every 4 week group compared with an increase of 0.5% in the placebo group (p=0.024).
The results of the clinical trial led to the conclusion that the green mate leaf extract mediates weight loss by specifically reducing body fat mass and fat percentage.