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BoCBank of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
BoCBoard of Commissioners
BoCBank Of China
BoCBump of Chicken (band)
BoCBureau of Construction (various locations)
BoCBank of Canada
BoCBank of California
BoCBoards of Canada (band)
BoCBank of Communications (various locations)
BoCBest of Canada (gaming clan)
BoCBanc One Corporation (now Bank One Corporation)
BoCBlue Oyster Cult (band)
BoCBreach of Contract (legal term)
BoCBase Of Choice
BoCBureau Of Customs
BoCBest of Citysearch (resource; various locations)
BoCBell Operating Company
BoCBrazilian Olympic Committee (est. 1914)
BoCBasis of Claim (Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada)
BoCBasic Officer Course (Singapore Civil Defence Service)
BoCBook of Concord
BoCBall of Confusion (song)
BoCBeer O'Clock
BoCBulgarian Orthodox Church
BoCBreakfast Of Champions
BoCBag of Crap
BoCBaltimore Opera Company (Baltimore, MD)
BoCBond Oversight Committee (various locations)
BoCBoard of Control (Caltech)
BoCBarring All Outgoing Calls
BoCBusiness Organizations Code (Texas)
BoCBut of Course
BoCBaghdad Operations Command (Iraq)
BoCBody of Christ
BoCBack-Office Conversion (payments)
BoCBand of Comrades (gaming clan)
BoCBandolier of Carrots
BoCBasic Oxygen Converter
BoCBureau of the Census
BoCBinary Offset Carrier
BoCBoard of Corrections (Alabama prison board, 1952-83)
BoCBudget Object Code
BoCBlack Out City
BoCBerkshire Opera Company (Massachusetts)
BoCBritish Oxygen Company (UK)
BoCBoard of Orthotics
BoCBloc Obrer i Camperol (Catalan: Workers and Peasants Bloc; political group; Spain)
BoCBase Operations Center (US DoD)
BoCBloque Obrero y Campesino (Spanish: Workers and Peasants Bloc; political group)
BoCBase Operations Contract
BoCBeverage Of Choice
BoCBone of Contention
BoCBiochemical Oxygen Demand
BoCBride of Chucky (movie)
BoCBilingual Orientation Center (Washington)
BoCBattery Operations Center
BoCBottom Of Container
BoCBlue Ocean Consultants (South Korea)
BoCBroadcast Operations Center
BoCBol d'Or Classic (French: Golden Bowl Classic; motorcycle race)
BoCBugatti Owners' Club (UK)
BoCBall-On-Cylinder (aircraft turbine testing)
BoCBrotherhood of Catfishermen (website)
BoCBeginning Of Cycle
BoCBlack October Clan (gaming clan)
BoCBusiness Opportunity Conference (minority businesses)
BoCBack of Curb (planning and zoning)
BoCBranch Office Connectivity
BoCBarring of Outgoing Calls
BoCBudget Object Classification
BoCBalance of Contract (payroll)
BoCBlinged-Out Cabbage (
BoCBit-Oriented Code
BoCBlade of Carnage (Everquest gaming)
BoCBrotherhood of Chaos (Counterstrike clan)
BoCBadminton Open Club (France)
BoCBallin Outta Control (gaming clan)
BoCBattalion Operation Center
BoCBrought on Charge
BoCBusiness Object Controller
BoCBox Of Cigars
BoCTertiary-Butyloxycarbonyl Group (biochemistry)
BoCBasic Operational Capability
BoCBody of Christ Gaming (gaming group)
BoCBest Operational Capability
BoCBarc Olympique Club (French: Barc Olympic Club; Barc, France)
BoCBook of Challenges (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
BoCBlock of Concrete
BoCBAMEX Operations Center
BoCBilateral Occipital Calcification
BoCBack Order Cancellation
BoCBritish Ornithologist's Club (est. 1892; UK)
BoCBack Office Coordinator
BoCBreast Oncology Center (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
BoCBaziège Olympique Club (French: Baziège Olympic Club; Baziège, France)
BoCBotswana Orientation Society
BoCBC2A Operations Center
BoCBishops of Opposite Colour (game of chess)
BoCBayerische-Osterreichisch Correspondenz (German: Bavarian-Austrian Correspondence; postal treaty)
BoCBottom Of Clutch
BoCBomb on Coordinate (US DoD)
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A proper response is not just to connect with God but to also connect with God's people, who are also the Body of Christ. We are warned these days about the rise of populism in many countries all over the world.
She focuses on Paul's incarnational theology formulated in his first letter to the Corinthians: "Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it." From Paul onward, she argues, the growth and global maintenance of the church has relied on both physical and virtual communities.
legal performance that regulated sex in the body of Christ. Unlawful sex was a key vector of ideas about race, religion, and the boundary between insider and outsider" (19).
Our digital broadcasting network delivers modern and historic messages of revival and awakening to the body of Christ. We offer live and on-demand pogramming that informs, equips, inspires and stirs you to press into what God is doing in this hour.
The concept of the "mystical body of Christ" dates back nearly to the church's origins and was explored in many other works of contemporary and traditional Catholic theology.
One of the common metaphors for the church is the body of Christ. The Christian Testament pericopae dealing with this metaphor are mostly found in Ephesians, Colossians, and 1 Corinthians.
My aim, however, is more modest with its concentration on the Body of Christ, crucified and risen, as the focal phenomenon of God's incarnational communication.
Nessan, academic dean and professor of contextual theology at Wartburg Theological Seminary at Dubuque, Iowa, undertakes an important study of ecclesiology and ethics to address the religious, social, and political situation both in North America and globally, re-envisioning the body of Christ as "shalom church." This book articulates a new and major contribution to what it means to be public church by vitalizing the ethical dimension of ecclesiology (especially by references to St.
Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.
The fact that these concerns are growing among Christians around the world offers the real promise of re-establishing the identity of the Body of Christ as a global community of faith.
One wonders whether it occurs to those of us who write letters to the editor of the Journal how negative and destructive they can be to the church as the body of Christ. Many of our letters reveal disturbing degrees of pettiness, intolerance, and infantile self-obsession.
Corpus Christi (a city in Texas whose name means Body of Christ)--Preferably to be called Corpse of Christendom (wishful thinking on their part).