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BOKBank of Oklahoma
BOKBunch of Kisses
BOKBody Of Knowledge
BOKBank of Korea
BOKBack of Kerb (Australia)
BOKBook Of Knowledge
BOKBlessing of Kings (gaming, World of Warcraft)
BOKBank of Khyber (Pakistan)
BOKBase Of Knowledge
BOKBetrayers of Kamigawa (Magic the Gathering set)
BOKBackwoods Orienteering Klub (North Carolina)
BOKBristol Orienteering Klub (UK)
BOKBox of Kundun (gaming)
BOKBlow Out Kit (major trauma aid)
BOKBinary Orthogonal Keying (UWB modulation)
BOKBonded on Kinship (Philippine rock band)
BOKBulgarski Olimpiiski Komitet (Bulgarian Olympic Committee)
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Among the body of knowledge topics are the environment in which projects operate and the role of the project manager.
Given that this is the case, it is helpful for academicians and practitioners alike to formally incorporate the BPM Common Body of Knowledge into the MSIS model and/or an MBA curriculum.
Research to enable the Ghanaian Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to better leverage the existing body of knowledge and experience with new learner centred teaching approaches and with this knowledge make informed decisions about how to systematically improve the quality of teaching and learning in basic education.
This Body of Knowledge is the framework for the engineering management certification exam, which tests candidates on their understanding of the sources of management knowledge and on the depth of their professional experience.
by prepared by the Body of Knowledge Committee of the Committee on Academic Prerequisites for Professional Practice.
A: I think the greatest value the Foundation brings is its contribution to the communication body of knowledge.
The body of knowledge for cost estimating and analysis.
In 1923, a joint NAR-led committee approved a textbook series and two-year curriculum; by 1925, people were talking about the need for University-level instruction in "realology," a discussion that presupposed an objective body of knowledge and imagined a future for realtors as the arbiters of American land policy.
The firm, specializing in Economic Development and assisting companies developing new products and services provides a full range of professional management services, incorporating the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKTM).
My colleagues tell me I'm silly, that by letting Microsoft examine what went wrong, I'd be contributing to a body of knowledge that will make Windows even more secure and stable in the future.
In the project management field, the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMI PMBOK Guide, 2000) defines a project as".
Learning assets range from small objects like a graphic representation of the acquisition framework, to a large online career field community of practice and its body of knowledge.