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BOEBased on Experience
BOEBoletín Oficial del Estado (Spanish)
BOEBarrel of Oil Equivalent
BOEBoard of Equalization
BOEBank of England
BOEBoard of Education
BOEBoard of Elections
BOEBrotherhood of Evil
BOEBill of Entry (various companies)
BOEBoard of Examiners
BOEBuilt on Express
BOEBuffer Overflow Exploits
BOEBusiness Objects Enterprise
BOEBarometer of Efficiency (Centrepoint; United Arab Emirates)
BOEBank of Employer
BOEBody of Evidence
BOEBind on Equip (gaming, World of Warcraft)
BOEBuffered Oxide Etch
BOEBasis Of Estimate
BOEBureau of Engineering
BOEBureau of Explosives
BOEBlue Ocean Event (climatology)
BOEBill of Exchange
BOEBored of Education (band)
BOEBlow Out Equipment (oil fields)
BOEBoeotian (linguistics)
BOEBénéficiaires de l'Obligation d'Emploi (French: Beneficiaries of Employment Obligation)
BOEBlades of Exile (computer game)
BOEBrewers of Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
BOEBoard of Executives
BOEBusiness Object Enterprise
BOEBenign Occipital Epilepsy
BOEBlack Ops Elite (Utah airsoft team)
BOEBatallon de Operaciones Especiales (special operations battallion)
BOEBrief of Evidence (legal)
BOEBoard of Exchange
BOEBill of Equipment
BOEBasic Operating Expenses
BOEBreak of Entry
BOEBrick on Edge (construction)
BOEBus Order Error
BOEBasic Oxide Etch
BOEBlanket Open End Contract
BOEBiodiversité des Organismes et Écologie (French: Biodiversity and Ecology of Organisms)
BOEBusiness Opportunity Evaluation
BOEBoard of Employees
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22) While Dryden's Corinna is a safe, polite version of Boeotian Corinna, faintly damned by self-contradictory praise, Curll's Corinna is prostituted by being named, represented and published.
When the Spartans finally broke through the defenses, which had been established on the Boeotian borders, and arrived at the plain at Leuctra, this famous battle began.
Timotheus had borrowed a sum from the shipowner Philip to give to the admiral of the Boeotian fleet so as to ensure that Athens continued to have its support.
Athamas In Greek mythology, king of the prehistoric Minyans in the ancient Boeotian city of Orchomenus.
Aristotle, in a lost work, described a sacred ''tomb of Iolaus'' in Thebes where Boeotian lovers plighted mutual devotion.
Except for cavalry skirmishes, neither side wanted to engage in battle until the sacrifices were propitious, but Mardonios' patience broke first, and he fell into a trap at Plataea, where he was killed and his army routed; there were twenty thousand Persian and Boeotian casualties against ninety-one Spartans and fifty-two Athenians killed.
Jealous of Nephele, Ino persuaded the Boeotian women secretly to parch the seed wheat, then caused a false oracle to be brought from Delphi: only the sacrifice of Phrixus and Helle would save the crops.
The unanimous decision by the Getty's Board to deaccession and return a Thasian relief and Boeotian stele, both of which currently are displayed at the J.
Pressed by grim poverty, his father left his hometown and settled in Boeotian Askra near Mount Helikon.
The Rise and Decline of Turkish Boeotia, 15th-19th Century: Remarks on the Settlement Pattern, Demography, and Agricultural Production according to Unpublished Ottoman Turkish Census and Taxation Records," in Recent Developments in the History and Archaeology of Central Greece: Proceedings of the 6th International Boeotian Conference, ed.
In the first oration, speaking in the voice of a nameless Boeotian woman, Dio retells the story [LANGUAGE NO T REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of the "Choice of Heracles" (50-84).
79) When the besieged in Plataea made a surprise escape by night the investing Boeotian force raised the alarm by lighting torches to send the news to Thebes.