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BOUNBogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey)
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A blood sample was taken from the patient for genetic investigation for the diagnosis of FALS after taking an informed consent from his relatives and sent to Bogazici University Genetic Unit.
He also served as professor at Bogazici University, board member of Ziraat Investment, Ziraat Private Pension Company and Ziraat Insurance, as an analyst at Global Indicators Analysis and as an economist of the World Bank in the United States.
According to the pedagogues, lowering the primary school entrance age to 60 months was not realistic (Ankara University [AU] 2012; Bogazici University [BU] 2012a; Cukurova University [CU] 2012; Mersin University [MU] 2012; Guven 2012).
Ezgi Akar is a PhD candidate in the Department of Management Information Systems at Bogazici University. She received her MA in Management Information Systems from Bogazici University in 2013.
Onur has a master's degree in Tourism Management at Bogazici University.
degrees in chemistry from Bogazici University in Turkey and his Ph.D.
Eser Cakti from Bogazici University in Turkey gave a talk on development of shake maps for Muscat.
"This was not an accident, it happened because not enough is ever done to protect workers," said Ercan Akkaya, a union organizer and a researcher in political science at Istanbul's Bogazici University told NBC News.
Political Turnover, Taxes, and the Shadow Economy, Working Papers 2010/08, Bogazici University, Department of Economics.
According to the data released by Turkish seismology authority of Bogazici University Kandilli Observatory and National Earthquake Monitoring Center, the epicenter of the earthquake was identified 5 km off the coast of ArnavutkE[micro]y district's Karaburun village.
Experimental studies were performed at Bogazici University, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute.