BOIDBelief, Obligation, Intention, Desire (logic)
BOIDBusiness Operations and Integration Division (US Army)
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BALLOT Lidl's Lelani Dines and Chris Boid in East Belfast yesterday
It also found that SR- BOID can discriminate well between doctors with and without burnout.
Boid's text-critical argument is of course valid irrespective of the precise meaning of the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Moere, "Time-varying data visualization using information flocking boids," in Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (INFO VIS '04), pp.
The flock was simulated as a complex particle system, using the simulated birds, called boids, as the particles.
The small Oligocene-Miocene erycine boid genera Calamagras and Ogmophis are problematic in that their vertebrae are similar in size and morphology.
Evidence of prey luring exists for numerous species of viperid, clapid, and boid snakes as well as six colubrids.
Peter Tantram, 47, of Lincoln-shire, Andrew Boid, 33, Darren Bibby, 29, both of Nottinghamshire, Arnold Smith, 63, and John McGinty, 48, both of Yorkshire, will be sentenced at Hull Crown Court.
Infrared and visual organization of the tectum of boid snakes.
23 Raymond Boid Tombung, cited in the Daily Express, Sep.
An intriguing aberration occurs in South America, where the main Paleocene predators were a startling assemblage of boid snakes (up to 10 m long), flightless phorusrhacoid birds (up to 3 m tall), and terrestrial crocodilians (Albino 1993); Eocene predators in North America also included large flightless birds (e.g., Diatryma) and terrestrial crocodiles.
Thongsbridge 234-9 (Noble 51, Thompson 70, Downend 3-30, Brylowski 3-23) Micklehurst 235-6 (Downend 33, Boid 52, Brylowski 59, Jones 33no).