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Only carriers of liquefied natural gas now use steam turbines, using boil-off gas as fuel for the boilers, and diesel technology with this fuel is now available.
Atlas Copco JC Carter pumps are more cost-effective and produce less boil-off gas.
Still, the prospect of burning boil-off gas also means that less LNG is ultimately delivered to buyers.
Irrespective of the LNG being carried, cargo boil-off gas on both vessels can be re-liquefied on board and returned to the tanks.
Such alternative methods are based inter alia on the use of a blend of marine fuel and boil-off gas.
The Bechtel deal relates to gas metering, liquefaction, refrigeration, ethylene storage, boil-off gas compression, product transfer to storage and LNG product metering for a train with production capacity of 4.
In addition to the LNG facilities, Qatargas operates the Jetty Boil-Off Gas facility, the two Laffan Refineries (among the largest condensate refineries in the world), and the Ras Laffan Terminal on behalf of all participants.
Set to be accomplished through the Jetty Boil-Off Gas (JBOG) recovery facility, the plant is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.
Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery project is set to become a landmark project for Qatar, balancing industrial development with care for the environment
LNG tanker operators in search of a next-generation air/gas flow meter to measure boil-off gas (BOG) accurately will find that the ST100 Series Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) helps enable ship propulsion systems operate efficiently while complying with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.
The contract covers basic engineering design of the process plant; BED and detailed engineering design of LNG tanks; and procurement of key equipment such as the main cryogenic heat exchanger, mixed refrigerant compressor, boil-off gas compressor, LNG in-tank pumps, cryogenic control and on-off valves.