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New Delhi [India] April 14 ( ANI ): The Indian Air Force on Saturday conducted long range bombing exercise as a part its biggest ever its biggest combat drill Gagan Shakti, 2018.
The plaintiffs' attorney, Scott Allen of the San Francisco, California-based law firm Cox and Moyer, says the suit requested that the Army remove some 10,000 unexploded mortar rounds and artillery shells from the area (the number estimated in the Army's 1998 proposed Superfund cleanup plan), remediate toxic contamination, and abstain from using the range for bombing exercises until a Clean Water Act permit had been obtained for munitions discharges.
But its main purpose was to oversee bombing exercises on Vieques.
* How does this artwork relate to the Vieques bombing exercises? Ask students whether they think the U.S.
Bush last Thursday announced an end to naval bombing exercises on Vieques, which have generated angry protests from local residents, in 2003.
Six other people climbed up the statue to protest the Navy's use of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques for bombing exercises. Kayak believes that the shelling of Vieques has led to increased civilian deaths due to accidents and higher cancer rates from environmental pollution.
Moore said a squadron of British Canberra bombers based at Tengah began nuclear bombing exercises in 1963 and remained in the Far East until 1970, although it is not clear whether the squadron was always nuclear-armed.
Navy bombing exercises on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.
Navy announced drastic cutbacks at its sprawling base in Puerto Rico, saying half the employees will not be needed when it ends bombing exercises on nearby Vieques island, reports AP (April 10, 2003):
"We have got problems on our existing site, " said Davies, "because the MoD, who had agreed in writing not to fly low-level bombing exercises at seas when we raced, has now said that there is a change in policy and it won't stick to that agreement.
Navy to end its bombing exercises on their Puerto Rican island and leave immediately.
The 59-year-old also made note of how happy he was when he was jailed in Puerto Rico for a month for taking part in protests over the US Navy bombing exercises in Vieques: "I'm so content here.