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BONBoard of Nursing (various locations)
BONBank of Namibia
BONBoletin Oficial de Navarra (Spanish: Official Gazette of Navarre; Navarre, Spain)
BONBand Ohne Namen (German: Band With No Name)
BONBrotherhood of Nod (gaming)
BONBeter Onderwijs Nederland (Dutch: Better Education Netherlands)
BONBetter Object Notation
BONBasis of Negotiation
BONBereavement Ontario Network (Canada)
BONBonaire, Netherlands Antilles - Flamingo Field (Airport Code)
BONAtlantic Bonito (FAO fish species code)
BONBiker or Not (website)
BONBiaxially Oriented Nylon
BONBank of Nauru
BONBusiness Opportunities Networking
BONBovine Ocular Neoplasia
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Before joining Bon Bon Buddies, Mr Boldsworth worked at Lego Education, part of the Lego Group for seven years in senior marketing and sales roles.
Bon Bon's provides luxury confectionery, including traditional sweets, mallows, chocolates, gourmet biscuits and sugar free treats, to high end independent retailers and visitor attractions.
In November 2006, on the occasion of Bon Jovi's induction into the UK Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, Tony and his band were requested to perform live at London's Hard Rock Cafe, and were joined by Jon and the real Bon Jovi.
Survey data received will also be summarized and presented at the July 2017 quarterly BON meeting and published in the October 2017 Bulletin.
At the Bon-Odori Evening, Pakistani guests were entertained with Wodaiko drumming which was performed by Ambassador Inomata while Bon dance was performed by the Japanese ladies who were dressed-up in traditional Japanese Yukatas.
The Welsh Government support of 27,360 [pounds sterling] will be used by Bon Bon Buddies to invest in new, innovative technology to help further drive the business's productivity.
Jo Lloyd, of Bon Bon Buddies, said: "It's a very special time of year when many of us spend time with our loved ones enjoying a sweet treat or two.
Fronted by UK's leading Jon Bon Jovi impersonator Andrea Oggiano, Bon Giovi will be taking to the stage at No 1 Shakespeare Street on September 6.
Together with guitarist Edd (Richie Sambora) they attempt to recreate the look and sound of Bon Jovi live and perform all the greatest hits.
Chris Howarth, Managing Director of Bon Bon Buddies, said: "We are delighted to have completed this excellent acquisition against strong competition.
Other titles published about Bon Jovi include All Night Long in 1995; Bon Jovi: A Biography in 1997; Jon Bon Jovi in 1997; and Bon Jovi (In Their Own Words)in 1999.