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BJBBank Julius Baer (Swiss bank)
BJBBond, James Bond
BJBBoerenjeugdbond (Dutch)
BJBBalanced Job Bound (networks)
BJBBig Jesus Burger (recording studio; Australia)
BJBBallerina Jewelry Box
BJBBeton Jungle Bikers
BJBBrother John Brown (musician; Cranford, NJ)
BJBBelgian Journal of Botany (now Plant Ecology and Evolution)
BJBBlackjack Band
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Yes, Daniel Craig, a man born to play the world's deadliest, sexiest spy has stepped back into the tux - and hopefully the tiny shorts - as Bond, James Bond.
Pierce Brosnan was recently disappointed to hear he has introduced himself as Bond, James Bond for the last time.
Named after the immortal line of film dialogue - Bond, James Bond - the exhibition at London's Science Museum, reveals two decades of the famous spy's cinematic history.
IT'S best to come clean from the start: I'm not a big fan of Bond, James Bond.
And he revealed that he was worried he would do a Sean Connery impression when he said, "My name is Bond, James Bond," in his first 007 movie.
Bond, James Bond ( spoken by Sean Connery in Dr No, is second in the list.
I'm sure most young actors have stood in front of the mirror and said those words - 'The name's Bond, James Bond.
Of course Sean Connery's debut appearance in Dr No with the classic line: ``The name's Bond, James Bond,'' has to be a contender.
I haven't seen Casino Royale yet but, by all accounts, even previously die-hard sceptics have had to concede that Craig, Daniel Craig, comes very, very close to redefining the role of Bond, James Bond, and claiming it as his own.
GOLDENEYE, (ITV1, 9pm) THE Bond, James Bond, film franchise tries to catch up with modern thinking as M becomes Ms and considers that 007 is a sexist dinosaur and is out of step with comtemporary society and that there's no place for him in the secret service.
YOU ARE BOND, JAMES BOND, FOR GOD'S SAKE +++' WILD THING: Girls Aloud star Sarah' RULE BRIT TANIA: Glam star Bryer' BOND'S BAND: The Sugababes' SHEARS, MATE: Elton and pal Jake Pictures: RICHARD YOUNG