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BSPBoard Support Package (embedded systems/applications)
BSPBeispiel (German: example)
BSPBasic Security Profile (Web Services Interoperability specification)
BSPBone Sialoprotein (mineralized tissues)
BSPBahujan Samaj Party (India)
BSPBangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)
BSPBangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas
BSPBusiness Service Provider
BSPBusiness Server Pages (SAP)
BSPBusiness Source Premier (database)
BSPBulgarian Socialist Party
BSPBayer Schering Pharma (pharmaceutical company)
BSPBaxter State Park (Millinocket, ME)
BSPBiblical Studies Press
BSPBilling and Settlement Plan (airlines)
BSPBritish Sea Power (band; UK)
BSPBit Stream Processor
BSPBit Slice Processor
BSPBuffered Serial Port
BSPBinary Space Partitioning
BSPBoard Support Package
BSPBusiness Server Pages
BSPBulk Synchronous Parallelism
BSPBulk Synchronous Programming
BSPBinary Search Partition
BSPBruttosozialprodukt (German: Gross National Product)
BSPBlue Square Premier (league)
BSPBiodiversity Support Program
BSPBlood Sugar Profile (biology)
BSPBritish Standard Pipe
BSPBaltic Sea Project (UNESCO)
BSPBrand Sense Partners
BSPBoy Scouts of the Philippines
BSPBlack Sea Property (UK)
BSPBalanced Scorecard Professional (certification)
BSPBehavior Support Plan
BSPB Street Prepared (sports car club)
BSPBank of South Pacific (Papua New Guinea)
BSPBinary Space Partitioning (tree)
BSPBachelor of Science in Planning (various schools)
BSPBack Space
BSPBusiness Systems Planning
BSPBroadband Service Provider
BSPBank Settlement Plan
BSPBlatant Self Promotion
BSPBiometric Service Provider
BSPBulk Synchronous Parallel (Computing Model)
BSPBulk Synchronous Parallel (model)
BSPBritish Society for Parasitology
BSPBusiness System Planning
BSPBreast Screening Program (various locations)
BSPBasic Skills Program (various organizations)
BSPBritish Society for Phenomenology
BSPBusiness and Society Program (Aspen Institute)
BSPBluestar's Prophecy
BSPBiogas Support Programme (Nepal)
BSPBrunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd
BSPBusiness Solution Provider
BSPBug Squashing Party
BSPBilling Service Provider
BSPBulk Supply Point (energy transmission)
BSPBell System Practice
BSPBest Security Practices
BSPBackup Solutions Program (Oracle)
BSPBachelor of Science in Pharmacy (academic degree)
BSPBonded Sender Program
BSPBallistic Missile Defense Signal Processor
BSPBaseband Signal Processor
BSPBelgische Socialistische Partij (Belgian Socialist Party)
BSPBleached Sulphite Pulp
BSPBody Segment Parameters
BSPBright Star Promotions (Louisville, KY)
BSPBinary Search Processor
BSPBoot Strap Processor
BSPBritish Society of Periodontology
BSPBrowser Safe Palette
BSPBurroughs Scientific Processor
BSPByte Stream Protocol
BSPBrightStar Partners, Inc. (Rolling Meadows, IL)
BSPBureau des Services Pédagogiques (French: Office of Educational Services; Laval University; Canada)
BSPBase Support Plan
BSPBachelor of Science in Physics
BSPBoston Scholars Program (Massachusetts)
BSPBarème Social Périodique (French: Social Scale Periodical)
BSPBlack Steel Pipe
BSPBayerische Staatspartei (Bavarian State Party)
BSPBroadcast Scheduling Problem
BSPBest Safety Practice
BSPBig Shiny Planet (Christian media company; Nashville, TN)
BSPBaseline Security Posture
BSPBasic Ski Proficiency
BSPBusiness Strategy Panel
BSPBinary System Partitioning (processor allocation strategy)
BSPBarisan Socialist Party
BSPBase Security Plan
BSPBrief Stop, Embark/Debark Personnel
BSPBiological Survey Program
BSPBersan Sécurité Privée (French private security company)
BSPBeam Sample Pulse
BSPBusiness Standard Procedure
BSPBritish Standard Piping
BSPBaseline Schedule Plan
BSPBroad-Based Signal Processor
BSPBurst Synchronization Packet
BSPBasic Scenario Pattern
BSPBrake Secondary Pressure
BSPBit Slip Probability
BSPBoston Shear Pump
BSPBackoff Sub-Period
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Expression of bone sialoprotein mRNA during bone formation and resorption induced by colchicine in rat tibial bone marrow cavity.
(3) In addition, a mature OB also secretes high levels of osteopontin, osteonectin, bone sialoprotein, and type I collagen.
PCR was performed using a real-time PCR kit (SYBR Premix Ex Taq II, TaKaRa) to detect osteopontin (OPN), osteocalcin (OC), bone sialoprotein (BSP), Runx2, and type I collagen (COL-I) mRNA on a Light Cycler 480 II (Roche, Germany).
In their differentiation assays, the authors found that the osteoblastic differentiation markers, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and osteopontin (OPN), were upregulated in vibrated cells while the osteoblastic markers, OC and bone sialoprotein (BSP), were unaffected.
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Decreased FOX1 suppresses osteoblastogenesis by decreasing osterix and type 1 collagen protein levels but does not affect levels of Runx2 and Bsp (bone sialoprotein) [40].
To verify osteogenic differentiation of AD-MSCs after 21 days of cultivation in osteogenic medium, we performed relative quantification of gene transcripts of osterix (OSX), bone sialoprotein (BSP), and osteocalcin (OC) by real time RT-PCR using the [2.sup.-delta delta CT] method.
It had been reported that TNF-[alpha] indirectly increased bone sialoprotein expression in human osteosarcoma cell line Saos2 (38).
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Acidic proteins, such as DMP1, osteopontin, bone sialoprotein, osteonectin, OCN, and bone acidic glycoprotein 75, are expressed by odontoblasts and osteoblasts, which likely play an important role in matrix mineralization through the regulation of crystal size and morphology.