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Some of the cast includes Trish Sandag and Joanne (from Kids on the Block) and Edward Viverette (from Boot Camp for New Dads).
Our motto since beginning our Boot Camp for New Dads has been to equip dads-to-be to "hit the ground crawling1" when their new baby arrives.
Boot Camp for New Dads has synthesized its two decades of daddy knowledge, and the information flowing from our network of new mothers to create Boot Camp for New Moms.
When I started Boot Camp for New Dads, I thought that after 10 years we would be doing Boot Camp for New Moms & Dads, as in together.
'Hit the Ground Crawling is the name England's fatherhood institute is using for boot camp for new dads, since boot camp does not translate.
Greg Bishop, brother of '2 and father of four, is the founder and Head Coach of Boot Camp for New Dads. Started in 1990 to provide men with a little orientation before their first baby came, it has grown to over 260 programs nationally and is expanding internationally.
Chuck Ault--the proud father of two daughters, has been Director of Fatherhood Programs for Exempla Healthcare in Denver, Colorado, for '3 years and has personally prepared more men to be fathers in Boot Camp for New Dads workshop than any other.
This is Boot Camp for New Dads, a partnership between the hospital and the Nurturing Dads Initiative of Children First.