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BANBangladesh (South Asia)
BANBangor (Amtrak station code; Bangor, ME)
BANBadan Akreditasi Nasional (Indonesian: National Accreditation Board)
BANBusiness Account Number (San Francisco, CA)
BANBody Area Network
BANBasel Action Network
BANBusiness Angel Network (various locations)
BANBanesto (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
BANBilling Account Number (telecommunications)
BANBond Anticipation Note
BANBritish Approved Name
BANBroadband Area Network
BANBank Account Number
BANBroadband Access Nodes
BANBilling Account Number
BANBlade Area Network
BANBorder Action Network
BANBasset Artésien Normand (French: Artesien Norman Basset; dog breed)
BANBrothers across Nigeria
BANBasic Access Network
BANBase Area Network
BANBoundary Access Node
BANBase Aéronautique Navale (French: Naval Air Base)
BANBuilding Area Network (telecommunications)
BANBachelor of Arts in Nursing
BANBasongo, Zaire (Airport Code)
BANBeacon Alliance of Neighbors (Seattle, WA)
BANBackup Area Network
BANBasement Area Network
BANBudget Allocation Notice (NASA)
BANBâtiment des Auxiliaires Nucléaires (French: Nuclear Auxiliary Building)
BANBenefit Access Number (Microsoft MSDN subscriptions)
BANBattlespace Area Network
BANBuccaneers Association of Nigeria
BANBéton Auto-Nivellant (French: Self-Leveling Concrete; construction industry)
BANBrothers Across the Nations
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Arizona is also home to active organizing from groups such as the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, Humane Borders, Derechos Humanos, and the Border Action Network. Republican congressmen from this state are proposing shifts to immigration policy through a controversial guest-worker bill that does little to protect or improve the lives or migrants themselves and focuses instead on their role as producers in the U.S.
Border Action Network, while acknowledging that the border situation has become dangerous and untenable for crossers and residents alike, has been calling, with limited success, for state and federal authorities to take the militias out of play.
While not disputing the damage done by large groups of people walking cross-country, Border Action Network notes that much of the land on which ranchers operate is actually state trust land, and the very narrow definition of "trespassing" in the statute covering such property does not include people simply walking there.
Jennifer Allen of Border Action Network disputes the extent to which the locals welcome Ranch Rescue.
This gives them a quasi-military look, and Border Action Network has called upon the Arizona attorney general to investigate Ranch Rescue and other groups for impersonating law enforcement or military officers.
In April, Border Action Network delivered to the attorney general a petition signed by nearly 2,000 border residents calling for an end to vigilante activity.