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Each group central node forwards the collected data to the border node which is connected to another border node of another group towards the BS.
Once border nodes u have been flagged, all their descendants in [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be identified in O(Sort(n)) I/Os by means of the Euler Tours ET([T.sub.o]) and ET([T.sub.e]) (Theorem 4.1).
Before computing [PHI]([H.sub.i]), a ray expressed by [Sink, [B.sub.i]) which starts at the sink and extends toward border node [B.sub.i] is denoted by [??].
Extension of the Multicast Tree to the Entire Network: To extend the multicast tree to the entire network (refer Figure 6), the source node unicasts a Tree-Propagate packet to the border nodes of its own zone.
Each border node knows the keys from it to the central node.
(iii) Each sub-AS core selects a set of border nodes, shares topology information with neighboring sub-AS cores, and computes min-max delay links between neighboring sub-AS networks using distributed method.
In this approach, once a cluster stops growing, its border nodes select and instruct to some neighbouring nodes that are not cluster members, to start building new clusters.
TRDD [94] --A query region has to be created on the network perimeter which contains the border nodes and their one-hop neighbors.
Therefore, the achievement of mobile-aware service depends mainly on the overlapping nodes and the border nodes between communities.
This approximately simulates networks with a minimum hop count of 10 hops between two border nodes one on opposite sides of the other in a connected network.
Because MPIFA requires all packet exchanges done by a node to be recorded, border nodes that had communications with adjacent zones update ZMSs of those zones as well.
2 shows three examples where an MBR is determined by 2, 3, and 4 border nodes. In this figure, nodes in black are VNs and nodes in gray are INs.