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BPRIBorder Policy Research Institute (Western Washington University)
BPRIBelgian Plastics and Rubber Institute
BPRIBusiness Psychology Research Institute (Arlington Heights, IL)
BPRIBusiness Planning & Research International (UK)
BPRIBarisan Pemberontakan Rakyat Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian People's Struggle Front)
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Much of the drop in traffic can be attributed to the exchange rate, Laurie Trautman, director of the Border Policy Research Institute at Western Washington University, said.
to Canada Shopping 23% 4% Gas 18% -- Recreation 15% 22% Vacation 16% 28% Mail 11% -- Family Visit 8% 26% Business/Work 3% 8% Other 5% 12% Source: Border Policy Research Institute
D., Director of the Border Policy Research Institute. The Border Policy Research Institute: BPRI was established by Western Washington University to promote research and inform policy-makers on a variety of issues related to the Canada--U.S.
The Canadian dollar isn't worth us much as it used to be and it's likely to stay that way for a while, a panel of economists said at an event in November hosted by Western Washington University's Border Policy Research Institute.
Thirty-one percent of Canadians who enter Whatcom County come primarily for shopping and 22 percent come to buy gas, according to a winter 2015 policy brief by the Border Policy Research Institute.
Western Washington University selected David Davidson to be the interim director of the college's Border Policy Research Institute.
"David has been a part of the Border Policy Research Institute from its beginnings and has been a large element in its success over its life," said Brian Burton, associate vice president for Academic Affairs at Western, in a press release.
The travel rebound following heightened border security measures after 9/11 and exchange-rate fluctuations over the past decade has been stronger than anticipated, said Don Alper, a WWU professor and the director of the school's Border Policy Research Institute and the Center for Canadian-American Studies.
Gregoire, of the seven border-related topics discussed, five were supported with data and analysis provided by research undertaken by Westerns Border Policy Research Institute an effort to help solve cross-border trade issues.