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Taking into account his history of cognitive impairment since childhood, his level of adaptive functioning and the results of his IQ test, he was subsequently diagnosed with borderline intellectual functioning.
Shaw (2000a) described the slow learner's borderline intellectual functioning in relation to their developmental tasks.
Background of children with borderline Intellectual functioning A.
All of these children had a diagnosis of mild to moderate mental retardation or borderline intellectual functioning.
Currently, public schools do not provide special programming for persons with borderline intellectual functioning under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Borderline intellectual functioning in itself is not a pathological condition, but it can become one if further intellectual deterioration is activated by any number of disorders or unfavorable events.
9%) victims were diagnosed with borderline intellectual functioning.
One of the intellectually disabled persons was readmitted for observation on a second offence, and 7 were diagnosed as having borderline intellectual functioning.
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