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BORISBrother of the Regulator of Imprinted Sites (genes)
BORISBOREAS Information System
BORISBlock Oriented Interactive Simulation
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Mr Cameron was outraged by a list Boris had written, detailing all the Old Etonians who ended up in No 10.
Tennis legend Boris, 47 - now a succesful coach - only acknowledged that Anna was his child in 2001.
Boris Yamnitsky, founder and CEO, Boris FX, said : "This strategic acquisition will allow us to offer the most comprehensive and advanced set of visual effects tools and solutions on the market today, serving everyone from independent filmmaker to the professional video editor working with effects to the feature film VFX artist.
Toward the end of his life, I saw Boris mostly at his bedside.
Boris Johnson was a very rare thing nowadays, a Conservative MP who people recognised and actually liked.
We could celebrate, even go so far as to make it Boris Says Sorry Day, invite him up for a street party and everything.
The time has come for video editors to enjoy the power of real-time 3D graphics in a simple and familiar interface," said Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky.
The joke here is that Tatiana is more idealistic about democracy than her American spin doctors, who recommend test-marketing, tarting Boris up a bit, filling campaign crowds with ringers and all sorts of muckraking.
5% owned by her brothers and sister (Ivan, Boris and Chrissy), and the 12.
Since Tom Patrick announced his retirement plans, the board has worked carefully and deliberately to define the requirements of the CEO position going forward," Boris said.
Mayor of London has always been a stopgap job for Boris, as occupying No10 is his ultimate ambition.