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BORSBarrett Optical Ranging System (electronic ballistic computer)
BORSBritish Orthopaedic Research Society
BORSBritish Operational Research Society
BORSBlatt Object Relations Scale
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Bors "infuses the traditional format of editorial cartooning with comic-strip structures and biting humor," said Ted Rall, the United acquisition and development editor who also does editorial cartoons for Universal Press Syndicate.
Oslo Bors does not believe that there are any grounds for a claim for damages, and will defend the proceedings," Oslo Bors added.
Bors spoke out with candor against the Nazi madness sweeping Germany, and soon he and his family were in danger.
Oslo Bors said that Q-Free had failed to provide timely information about a contract cancellation from the railway company NSB in June.
Oslo Bors said that Stolt Offshore had breached stock exchange regulations when it had delayed a day in announcing a new pipelaying contract for the Ormen Lange project to the Oslo Bors company information system.
Despite frequent conversations and repeated promises by the company, no prospectus has yet been published," Oslo Bors said in a statement.