BoSoxBoston Red Sox
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For another parallel, The Cubs and Bosox both play in gritty urban parks while the Yankees and Cardinals now toil in shiny new stadia.
Maybe it's because I'm a BoSox fan and therefore accustomed to sporting abuses -- and not that it isn't an important issue for role-models -- but I just don't get this preoccupation with the steroids thing.
By changing the Senators to the Sox in "Damn Yankees," Kimball felt he found the perfect vehicle to make a familiar title exciting and connect with a wider audience--especially if he tied the show in some way to the 2004 World Series win by the Bosox, its first championship since 1918.
The BoSox take on the White Sox in the division series, but Chicago staggered into the post season, with only a mediocre record of 30-28 wins to losses since August, which was disguised by their blistering start to the campaign.
In the event, both the Red Sox and the Cubs remained cursed, which meant that the story could continue to run, but the "ghosts" of past Yankee greats who were said to have appeared in time to see off the hapless Bosox failed their Yankee successors in the Series itself.
I'll pick the Braves in the NL because in addition to the Bosox, I'm a Mets fan, and, so, a pessimistic fatalist.
Williams played left field for the BoSox, but was better known for his hitting genius.
The Cy Young Award candidate and his Bosox manager will be in the area for the 11th Annual Curt Schilling/ALS Golf Outing, which is dedicated to helping the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of The ALS Association in the fight against the fatal neuromuscular disease commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.
SSOXS, BRUWN, CELTK, BOSOX, FENWY, ORRR (Bobby Orr), BUCYK (Johnny Bucyk), BLZZR, REVER, OOSHN, and let's not forget what's for dinner: LBSTA.
Brenna was one of several children at the hospital's University Campus Monday receiving the chance to ogle or take pictures of the championship trophy won by the BoSox in the 2013 season.
Mace Brown, in the first year of his long scouting career with the BoSox, proudly declared that Willard Nixon was "the greatest college pitcher" he had seen and predicted that "he can't miss being a big leaguer.