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BTPBritish Transport Police (UK)
BTPBâtiment et Travaux Publics (French: construction industry)
BTPBeyond the Point
BTPBeyond the Pale
BTPBreakthrough Pain
BTPBoston Tea Party
BTPBeta Theta Pi (fraternity)
BTPBuild to Plan (Microsoft)
BTPBusiness Transaction Protocol
BTPBenchmark Test Package
BTPBit Torrent Protocol
BTPBulk Transfer Protocol
BTPBiztalk Pipeline
BTPBad Record Type
BTPBusiness Transaction Protocol (OASIS)
BTPBroadway Theatre Project (New York)
BTPBuild to Print (manufacturing.)
BTPBâtiments et Travaux Publics (French: Construction and Public Works)
BTPBack to Paul
BTPBrisbane Technology Park (Australia)
BTPBiological Treatment Plant (wastewater)
BTPBaggage Tag Printer (airline industry)
BTPBranch Technical Position (nuclear power plants)
BTPBatch Transfer Program
BTPBiotechnology Training Program
BTPBurn the Priest (band)
BTPBusiness Travel Program (flight)
BTPBeginning Teacher Program
BTPBuilding Technology Program (US Department of Energy)
BTPBurning Tree Project (band)
BTPBurning Tree Projekt (band)
BTPBench Top Portable
BTPBack-Traffic Protection
BTPBurst Time Plan
BTPBlow to Pop
BTPBusiness Transformation Project
BTPBachelor of Town Planning
BTPBlameThePixel (website)
BTPBeer Transfer Protocol
BTPBeyond the Pixel (webcomic)
BTPBusiness Technology Partner
BTPBusiness Telecom Products, Inc. (Carnation, WA; also seen as BTPI)
BTPBlue Thumb Project (clean water project)
BTPBill to Print
BTPBinary Translation Processor
BTPBuono del Tresoro Poliennali
BTPBettridge Turner and Partners (UK)
BTPBiofuel Turnkey Plants (Ramat Gan, Israel)
BTPBoletín de Trabajo Programado (Spanish: Scheduled Labor Bulletin)
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Although Unger says that the Boston Tea Party sparked the Revolution, his broader argument is that the struggles of one colony with taxation and representation, which spanned decades and included a variety of taxes and other offenses, became the cause of a fledgling nation.
The Boston Tea Party, however, was on a larger and more public scale than earlier protests; it was an act of defiance against Parliament's authority that Britain could not ignore.
The shoemaker, George Robert Twelves Hewes of Boston, was present at the Boston Massacre (March 5, 1770), and later participated in the Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773), in the capacity of a kind of supervisor.
Garber can be convincing as a frightened British soldier trying to disperse the crowd at the Boston Massacre, as one of the determined Sons of Liberty at the Boston Tea Party, as a pompous English officer trying to disperse the crowd at Lexington, or as any of the people who debate the wording of the Declaration of Independence.
Regarding the matter of proposed use of governmental funds to provide financial support for religious schools: perhaps it's time we began to think in terms of the Boston Tea Party.
Direct-action groups trace their philosophies of nonviolence to the civil rights movement, Mahatma Gandhi's teachings and even to the Boston Tea Party, although their style of protest is distinctly modern.
The novel follows the colorful duo through a number of landmark moments, including the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and Valley Forge, with each event restaged "from the people's perspective," as Lussier puts it.
Based on an 18th century poem (actually, a song originally) about the Boston Tea Party, this lesson plan presents activities designed to help students understand that taxation of the American colonists by the British led to the American Revolution; all eras have protest poetry or songs; and students can perform and analyze old literature.
As a matter of fact, the Boston Tea Party could just have easily been the Boston Beer Party.
Chuck D's act of defiance will eventually be seen as mighty as the Boston Tea Party, and this is what scares the music industry most.
Take an afternoon Boston tea party in the Swans Court and then, after dining in any of the splendid hotel restaurants, enjoy top-class entertainment in the Terrace Room cabaret theatre.
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