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BoswashBoston and Washington
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Members of the Creative Class are drawn to such locations as "BosWash," Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Austin for the high density of other members of the Creative Class; for their toleration of lifestyle choices including (and perhaps especially) sexual openness; and their highly developed technological infrastructures, as well as industries that create or employ cutting-edge technologies.
In the late 1980s, Miller saw Cascadia's mushrooming population and decided something had to be done to move people quickly and efficiently before the region turned into another "BosWash," the buzzword planners and bureaucrats use for the congested corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C.
His Megalopolis (1961) gave us a hybrid of space and semantics; he drew a mental map and (as all good metaphors may do) created a new sense of ourselves in portraying the BosWash corrider thirty years ago.