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Fracture types were classified into the following broad categories: foot (talus, midfoot, metatarsal, and phalanx), calcaneus, femur (shaft and distal), hip (including all femoral neck and peritrochanteric fractures), acetabulum, pelvic ring, tibia (plateau and shaft), pilon, ankle, humerus, both bone forearm fractures, and distal radius fractures.
Specific injuries included foot fractures (693 consults), calcaneus fractures (126 consults), femur fractures (74 consults), hip fractures (269 consults), tibia fractures (530 consults), pilon fractures (79 consults), both bone forearm fractures (57 consults), humerus fractures (301 consults), distal radius fractures (291 consults), and ankle fractures (524 consults).
We used the following search terms: "intramedullary fracture fixation," "ulna fractures," "radius fractures," "both bone forearm fracture," "bone wire," and "bone nail." The search strategy is presented in Table 2.
Single bone intramedullary fixation of the ulna in pediatric both bone forearm fractures: Analysis of short-term clinical and radiographic results.
In case of a Monteggia fracture-dislocation, both bone forearm fractures exist with anterior displacement of radial head according to the Bado classification [2].
This case highlights the importance of thorough clinical and radiological evaluation of pediatric patients with both bone forearm fractures.
Talwalkar (30) (1967) treated 72 cases of both bone forearm fractures by square nail and resulted in 100% union rate.
Seventeen patients had isolated fracture of the humerus, three patients had head injury, two patients had clavicle fractures, one patient had chest injury, one patient had ipsilateral fracture of both bone forearm, one patient had post traumatic radial nerve injury.
SUMMARY: 30 cases of both bone forearm fracture were treated by open reduction and internal fixation with 3.5 mm LC-DCP, with a follow up range of 6-24 months.
There has been variety of treatment options for the management of both bone forearm fractures.