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AMBI-Both Sides (Prefix)
AMBI-[not an acronym] prefix meaning: both
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I understand both these sides to be not only returns, but parts of the front; and to be uniform without, though severally partitioned within; and to be on both sides of a great and stately tower, in the midst of the front, that, as it were, joineth them together on either hand.
These buildings to be for privy lodgings on both sides; and the end for privy galleries.
The bees instantly began on both sides to excavate little basins near to each other, in the same way as before; but the ridge of wax was so thin, that the bottoms of the basins, if they had been excavated to the same depth as in the former experiment, would have broken into each other from the opposite sides.
But the rough wall of wax has in every case to be finished off, by being largely gnawed away on both sides. The manner in which the bees build is curious; they always make the first rough wall from ten to twenty times thicker than the excessively thin finished wall of the cell, which will ultimately be left.
Both sides of the moon have distinctive characteristics.
Before nailing the last couple of pieces on the small side, measure up to the top of the window to make sure both sides are at the same height.
The flag meeting between the officers of BSF and the Pakistani Rangers at the Border Outpost Chamliyal along the International Border, was held to discuss the arrangements for the event and smooth conduct of Mela at the shrine which lies on both sides of the border.
We have found that a systematic approach, starting with characterization of both sides of the failure to identify where the failure occurred, followed by characterization of the chemistry of the failed layer, leads to a root cause determination in many situations.
Fold ribbon in half lengthwise across a short edge of the matched-up fabrics, and use a blanket stitch to attach, piercing through both sides of ribbon.
Extend your left arm straight up toward the ceiling, and lengthen from both sides of the waist evenly.
To verify the results, a sample test was run using both sides of the same piece of filter paper.