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BoNTBotulinum Neurotoxin
BoNTBroadband Optical Network Termination
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The botulinum neurotoxin LD50 test--Problems and solutions.
Botulinum neurotoxins are zinc dependent enzymes, (8-10) which reversibly block neurotransmission (9) by inhibiting release
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Liver and intestine samples from each bird were submitted for culture and to test for presence of the botulinum neurotoxin genes (BoNT) A and F as well as the nontoxic, nonhemagglutinin (NTNH) used as a surrogate marker for BoNT-producing clostridia.
Botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT), a protein produced by Clostridium botulinum, an anaerobic gram-positive bacterium, is a potent neurotoxin.
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This issue's review by Basar and Arici looks at the full range of esthetic and functional indications for the ophthalmic use of botulinum neurotoxin. We believe its inclusion of nearly the entirety of the recent relevant literature and its thorough description of the types of botulinum neurotoxin and clinically important details such as preparation and application methods make this review a valuable reference text.