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Use reflective-surface materials to maximize light bouncing around the room. Keep the walls white for most of the room, but also pick an accent wall where you'll incorporate a bright, tropical wallpaper.
"I sent my wife and little girl into their rooms and I was just bouncing around the room," he said.
"I never expected to get a reply but I was so happy I was bouncing around the room and Oscar didn't have a clue why I was bouncing around but he joined me anyway and then my wife Danielle came down to see what all the noise was about."
As an auctioneer, there's no question that when the bids are bouncing around the room and the price is soaring, there is a definite rush of adrenaline – it's a great feeling."
The laughter bouncing around the room was as genuine as McGinley's credentials as a serious contender to go down in history as Europe's most impressive Ryder Cup captain since Tony Jacklin.
"It was simple things like advising the school to have carpets in classrooms where Holly was being taught so sound wasn't amplified by bouncing around the room from the floor, walls and ceiling.
I only feel the need to dance these days in extraordinary circumstances - I learned long ago that there is very little upside to dancing - but Lewis's magical arrers had me bouncing around the room like Kara ruddy Tointon.
The heirs to the great jam-band phenomenon, the band has a great, upbeat energy, and songs such as "Bouncing Around the Room," "Heavy Things" and "Farmhouse" abound with an infectious groove.
He said: "He was bouncing around the room and she was watching in amazement at how much of a lunatic he looked.
I was just bouncing around the room looking forward to the game and playing.'
While all these ideas are bouncing around the room, I bring out recycled egg cartons, one per child, plus the box of recycled plastic "junque," paper towel rolls and scraps of cardboard.
But it's live where The Egg really cooks - dressed up Kraftwerk/Devo style with Super-8 film bouncing around the room while churning out some hypnotic funk - and without a sample in sight.