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B4SBound for Success (Australian education program)
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Companies working towards fulfilling their social responsibility are most likely bound for success and significant market ascent.
Summary: The Religious Cultural Tourism Project launched Tuesday by Prime Minister Saad Hariri is a rare example of a scheme that reveals Lebanon's finest face and is bound for success.
Bound for Success is more than a partnership between the surrounding school districts and UTA, it is a pathway to college acceptance with the top 25 percent in a tenth grade class getting a tentative acceptance if they maintain their grades and graduate.
Focus on the strengths of the individual elements that make up your overall operations, and you're bound for success.
Companies that can deliver the trifecta--healthy and affordable products that taste good--are bound for success.
TRIG has honed in on strategies for overcoming common obstacles and has participation in project development from the Oregon Department of Energy and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, among others that see this project as bound for success.
We started as a supplier of tools for KR's industrial machine tool division, and knew the partnership was bound for success when major orders -- the first was a $300,000 order for tools -- started to arrive within months," says PCA Mohan, managing director of Hydratight Middle East.
At the official launch last month of the Mine Host Project at upmarket Horsley Hall, Eastgate, Weardale, Mr Alderson remained silent while Tisha Kalmanovitch, marketing manager for the Stanhope Market Town initiative, insisted the project was bound for success.
federal court of appeals and Supreme Court justice David Souter, it was apparent that he was bound for success.
I don't know what it is exactly, but there's a feeling--almost a smell --that emanates from a new business when it's bound for success.
The project seemed bound for success in Singapore, where computer use starts in kindergarten, 41 per cent of people own PCs, and the government encourages the use of information technology across all segments of society.
But bosses are confident that the Freelander - which I found impressive on and off-road - is bound for success.