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As a result, an integration of the term [u.sub.1] ([xi])[q.sup.*]([[xi].sub.0],[xi]) in the boundary integral equation (2.10) and the term [[??].sub.3]([xi])[q.sup.*]([[xi].sub.0], [xi]) in (2.12) turns out to be zero due to the constant value of [q.sup.*]([[xi].sub.0],[xi]), see (2.13), (2.14), and the symmetry of the potential functions
Liu, The Boundary Integral Equation Method for Porous Media Flow, George Allen & Unwin, London, UK, 1983.
Generally, [SIGMA] [t.sub.j](x) in (6) is equal to zero, but it is not directly omitted at present, and this will lead to a different equation in comparison with the general traction boundary integral equation [3-5].
Yoshida, Applications of Fast Multipole Method to Boundary Integral Equation Method, Dept.
This is the boundary integral equation for the inner nodes of any point in the [OMEGA] domain.
Ghesmati, "Solution of the second-order one-dimensional hyperbolic telegraph equation by using the dual reciprocity boundary integral equation (DRBIE) method," Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, vol.
A boundary integral equation method based on the Green's integral formula and potential fluid flow theory has been employed for the numerical simulation of this problem.
The main objective of this paper is to develop a fast numerical method for solving the boundary integral equation with the generalized Neumann kernel (2.3) and computing the piecewise constant function h given by (2.4).
W Kuang, "A new boundary integral equation method for analysis of cracked linear elastic bodies," Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, vol.
Now Let But for exterior flow problem the equation of indirect panel method for the doublet distribution can be stated as For exterior flow problem, assembling the equation (10) and equation (12) for the indirect boundary integral equation method can be inscribed as Or When all nodes are in consideration, then equation (14) yields an system of equations which can be written in matrix form in the case of constant and linear elements as Here is the matrix coefficient, is a vector of unknown total potentials "and on the R.H.S is a known vector whose elements are the negative of the values of the velocity potentials of the uniform stream at the nodes on the origion of the body.
For homogeneous objects, a boundary integral equation (BIE) formulation is often the method of choice.
Chang, "Modeling of vias sharing the same antipad in planar waveguide with boundary integral equation and group T matrix method," IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, Vol.
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