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BPEL4WSBusiness Process Execution Language for Web Services (BEA, IBM, Microsoft)
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Weerawarana, "Implementing BPEL4WS: the architecture of a BPEL4WS implementation," Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, vol.
This is because StCoBP used a BPEL4WS version of the original BPMO processes developed originally in the BeMantics approach, and in this case when the BPMO processes were transformed to BPEL4WS some inputs/outputs where missed, producing a reduction in the Pg for the linguistic criterion which has into account all the inputs/outputs names.
The Web services community has proposed different Web services composition languages such as BPEL4WS [7], WSFL (Web Service Flow Language) [5], ebXML [3] for the interoperability of business process.
It produces a description of the desired composite service in BPEL4WS. This approach copes with issues such as nondeterminism, partial observability, and extended goals.
Sun, "A Graph-Search Based Approach to BPEL4WS Test Generation," in Proc.
In this study, we elaborate upon the pedagogical requirements and technical design of connecting WSRP with BPEL4WS within OEPortal to compose existing heterogeneous learning resources pedagogically.
Hence, web services lead to a range of process languages which include, and not exhaustively, Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS [31]), Web Services Choreography Interface (WSCI [32]), Business Process Management Language (BPML [33]), XLANG [34], Web Services Flow Language (WSFL [35]).
En su componente de flujos de trabajo, se iniciara la construccion de una capa de servicios Web que utilice BPEL4WS (www.ebpml.org/bpel4ws) como lenguaje de orquestacion de servicios de forma que se pueda implementar una interaccion delaplataforma conotras iniciativasqueutilicen este mecanismo de integracion de informacion.
BEA WebLogic Integration 8.5 supports the BPEL4WS 1.1 standard.
We expect that the inclusion of the related growing technologies such as WSEL and BPEL4WS (jointly developed by BEA, IBM and Microsoft) will be easily incorporated into our proposed integration framework.
The integration server will also use native Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) for the first time.