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BPEL4WSBusiness Process Execution Language for Web Services (BEA, IBM, Microsoft)
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This is because StCoBP used a BPEL4WS version of the original BPMO processes developed originally in the BeMantics approach, and in this case when the BPMO processes were transformed to BPEL4WS some inputs/outputs where missed, producing a reduction in the Pg for the linguistic criterion which has into account all the inputs/outputs names.
The Web services community has proposed different Web services composition languages such as BPEL4WS [7], WSFL (Web Service Flow Language) [5], ebXML [3] for the interoperability of business process.
En la guerra de estandares por la modelizacion de procesos de negocio, parece que el BPEL4WS (tambien denominado BPEL24)se esta destacando y cada vez un mayor numero de fabricantes estan haciendo sus productos compatibles con este estandar, previendose una convergencia hacia este tanto de XPDL como de BPML.
Section 3 presents our solution for enhancing WSRP (without changing the standard) in order to work together with BPEL4WS.
Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder, CEO, and a founding author of BPEL4WS, along with Milinda Pathirage, project lead for WSO2 BPS.
The BPEL4WS Specification," [En linea]; Disponible: http://download.
Common technologies for Web service orchestrations include, for example, BPEL4WS [2] and XPDL [20].
We are developing another prototype using a BPEL4WS [1] engine (a language for Web Service Composition) instead of using an XQuery engine.
A flurry of activity in May saw BPEL4WS re-christened and submitted to the OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) technical committee while support for BPEL came from SAP AG, NEC Corp, Novell Inc and Sybase Inc among others.
Weerawarana is founder of the Web services platform and has authored many key specifications including WSDL, BPEL4WS, WS-Addressing, and WS-Eventing.
With this new initiative, Magic Software will further its awareness of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions from a variety of vendors that can be seamlessly integrated into existing and new business processes using its iBOLT Integration Suite, the company's BPEL4WS compliant business process integration solution.
The BPMN specification also provides a binding between the notation's graphical elements and the constructs of block-structured process execution languages, including BPML and BPEL4WS.