BPSTBritish Peace Support Team (various locations)
BPSTBureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training (India)
BPSTBasic Phonics Skills Test (education)
BPSTBasic Problem Solving Techniques
BPSTBoard of Police Standards and Training (Oregon)
BPSTBionutrient Protectives Scalp Therapy (hair care product)
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Commander Karen Cahill, the maritime adviser for BPST, said: "The work that BPST is doing in Africa is incredibly important, but it is not the UK imposing its ideals and its values on to Africa.
There were significant group x time interactions in the UPDRS-III, the TUG-manual, time and number of steps to turn 360[degrees], reactive postural control, and BPST span.
These challenges are compounded for bilingual pre-service teachers (BPST) in the U.S., who are often learning to teach mathematics in a language in which they themselves did not learn it.
Instead, each device keeps track of its own BPST. To synchronize to an existing BP, each device must continually adjust its BPST to match that of the slowest device in the BP.
To further assess wet skid resistance of CSDPF 4210-based compounds, other than low-temperature dynamic properties, a modified British Portable Skid Tester (BPST) was used to measure the friction force between rubber compounds and a sandblasted glass plate considered to be a model road surface under wet conditions.
The probationers, undergoing training at National Academy of Defence Production, Nagpur, are presently in Delhi to attend three days training on Parliamentary Procedures and Practices at BPST, Lok Sabha Secretariat.
Ice skid resistances of rubber compounds were measured by a British Portable Skid Tester (BPST) set up in the small room controlled accurately at each temperature from 0 [degree] C to -20 [degrees] C.