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BR2Battle Royale 2 (movie)
BR2Blood Rayne 2 (video game)
BR2Bloody Roar 2 (video game)
BR2Balbiani Ring 2 (gene)
BR2Boilermaker Second Class (USN rating)
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Polymorphisms 587C>T of KNG, (29) 287 bp I/D of ACE, (30) 9 bp I/D of BR2, (31) -58T>C of BR2, (32) and -699G>C of BR1 (27,33) were studied as described previously.
Since there are lots of cases when the BR2 is not equal to BR3, only 64kbps, 96kbps and 128kbps, are considered, and the bit rate of the final compression is set as 128kbps.
In this vein, the magnetite/carbon nanocomposites (MNC) were tested as adsorbents for removal of two anionic dyes, Chromazurol S (ChS) and Nylosan Blue (NB), and a cationic dye, Safranin T (Basic Red 2, BR2).
Aoust, "Increasing complexity in the modeling of BR2 irradiations," in Proceedings of the PHYSOR 2000 International Topical Meeting on Advances in Reactor Physics and Mathematics and Computation into the Next Millennium, Pittsburg, Calif, USA, 2000.
The damage in composite laminates at BR2 level ballistic impact with shear wave velocity in the target of 2mm/[micro]sec is localized within a zone of 3-10 cm near the impact area; therefore, samples with 10 cm x 10 cm were found to be sufficient to test the ballistic behavior of the laminate structure [10].
The H2SO4 mediated bromination appeared to be of greater industrial utility due to the easy availability and economy of reaction involving Br2 and H2SO4.
Caption: Figure 8: Change in radiation pattern from monopole to dipole for a BR2 guitar [51].
Demolition began on four of the property's oldest office buildings, known as Bishop Ranch 2, or BR2. Replacing them will be City Center Bishop Ranch, a reinvention of the American suburban shopping center.
To investigate the ability of the Peanut in forming rhizobial nodules, as well as its dependence on the AMF, we have conducted a controlled inoculation experiment with a strain of fungus Glomus sp1 (G) and two strains of Bradyrhizobium (Br1 and Br2).
The works led to the bus routes 60, 75, 76, 80, 80A, 80E, 672, 683 and BR2 being diverted.
Although it's briey mentioned in the excellent review of Coventry's part in WW1 that Daimler made BR2 aero engines, the rst BR engine was made by Humber.