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BRABUSBrabender and Buschmann
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The German police force have already placed an order with Brabus, and intend to use the car to patrol the country's autobahns, where sections of motorway are not governed by speed limits..
That's appealing, but, if you can afford the extra, it's the Brabus variants you should make a late dash for.
For a tiny car weighing in at just 832kg, that's a fair amount of shove coming from the three-cylinder tur-bocharged engine and, whereas the lesser-powered standard versions aren't thrillers, the Brabus variants can get to 120mph and clock a sub-10 seconds time for 0-62mph.
But when you add the name Brabus to smart everything changes.
In the ForFour's case, power has been boosted to 177bhp, giving the Brabus a 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds, and a top speed of 137mph
It is based on the more powerful 75bhp Brabus model and comes with alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel and a sports exhaust in addition to air conditioning, fog lamps and a glass roof.
And there will be eager eyes watching proceedings at the daunting 18th tee, where any player who gets a hole-in-one will win a stunning pounds 50,000 Brabus Mercedes SLK.
Brabus, a Mercedes-Benz tuning company, has launched a more luxurious version of the Sprinter van named VIP Conference Lounge.
The most illustrious names in the motoring world -- including Bentley, Brabus, Porsche and Rolls-Royce -- will headline the parade, with Hamann, one of the most inspirational car designers in the world, presenting its latest unique concept at an exclusive global preview, the Hamann Porsche Cayenne.
It'll do 206mph, but is limited to 200mph for what Brabus calls "safety reasons".