BRADABritish Resorts and Destinations Association (UK)
BRADABangladesh Research and Development Association
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Several soon-to-be-released Molex BradA products, including:
Professor Brada, who joins the centre on Monday from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, is a world leading researcher who specialises in the treatment of brain, spinal and lung cancers.
Josef Brada, Ali Kutan, and Taner Yigit have studied the transitional economies in the Balkans during the 1990s which encountered the risks of actual or potential warfare.
Note that if Johansen's statistics are adjusted for lag length, number of regressors, and number of observations, cointegration disappears in Brada et al.
4) See Aitken (1973), Brada and Mendez (1983), Bikker (1987), Sanso, Cuairan, and Sanz (1993)~ M(:Callum (1995).
Stott's Scots warmed up with a fighting 3-3 draw away to Holland in Brada on Saturday.
Brada M, Ford D, Ashley S, Bliss JM, Crowley S, Mason M, et al.
Que- brada Santana Arzol Salinas do Semam- (MG 30) Peroano Riocho betiba Species (Bra) (Bra) (Bra) (Bra) Acromia aculeata Acrocomia hassleri * Aiphanes cf.
We thank the Editors of CES, Professors Josef Brada and Paul Wachtel for selecting our conference panel for the current symposium and assisting us with editorial comments.
By contrast, Brada, Kutan, and Zhou (1993) argued that the devaluation of Chinese yuan serves to improve China's balance of trade.