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BRAJBurmese Rohingya Association in Japan (democratic political movement)
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Kachru, Braj (1988), "The sacred cows of English", in English Today, 16, pp.
Unpublished paper presented at the Three Circles of English: A conference in honor of Professor Braj Kachru.
The rest of the text consists of 18 one-page descriptions of how the Rajputana Museum at Ajmer, City Palace Museum at Alwar, Lohagarh Fort Museum at Bharatpur, Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum at Bikaner, Fateh Prakash Palace Museum at Chittorgarh, Rajmata Devendra Kumari Museum at Dungarpur, Albert Hall Museum at Jaipur, Sawai Man Singh Town Hall Museum at Jaipur, Government Museum at Jaisalmer, Government Museum at Jhalawar, Sardar Museum at Jodhpur, Braj Vilas Palace Museum at Kota, Zanana Bagh Museum at Mandor, Government Museum at Raj Bhavan Mount Abu, Bangar Museum at Pali, Rajkumar Hardyal Singh Museum at Sikar, Ahar Site Museum at Udaipur, and Government Museum at Udaipur were founded.
His forte is creative writing in different languages including, Hindi and Urdu as well as several dialects such as Punjabi, Braj Bhasha, Khariboli, Haryanvi and Marwari.
Braj Kachru's insight into American English from nearly thirty years ago remains relevant today: those who couch their argument that American English is "slowly becoming today's world language" in the reasoning that it contains an inherent "simplicity and sophistication" fall to account for the more sinister reality that "what actually happens is that language and power work together" and thus "American English is accepted for its power and superiority which America as a nation has acquired.
32) We can see this tendency in a multiplicity of textual and practical examples within the complexities of sectarian relations among various types of Hindus (from Shiva portrayed as a gopi [a female devotee of Krishna] in the region of Braj, to Rama bhakta devotional sects subordinating Krishna to Rama).
Eine Reihe von Arbeiten schenken ihm, wie dies in Sieben Erzahlungen auf Braj Bhakha (S.
Standard Nigerian English: Issues of Identification In Braj Bachru (ed).
An explication of the invocation of this holographic triad concludes this paper with examples of triple categorization of usage from Randolph Quirk (UK), Stanley Ridge (South Africa) and Braj Kachru (India).
Excavation of sacred images and sites in the Braj Mandal region
In Issues in Linguistics: Papers in Honor of Henry and Renee Kahane, Braj B.
The temples (1670-1672) were built by the Vallabha sampraday sect, after the image of Shri Nathji was transported from Braj, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the sect was originally founded two hundred years earlier.