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The technology story starts with the expansive use of steer- and brake-by-wire technologies.
The electrohydraulic Sensotronic Brake Control, for example, is a brake-by-wire system, the pedal being connected to the main brake cylinder electronically.
The deal calls for the development of cutting-edge products such as gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, electrically controlled brake-by-wire systems and an integrated overall vehicle control system combining the powertrain, braking and steering control systems.
Safety: Smart Airbag, Passive Airbag, Intelligent Cruise Control, Integrated Front Safety, Tire Pressure Warning, Driver Assistance Systems, ABS/TCS, Electronic Stability Control, Brake-by-wire.
Technologies Anti-lock braking system developments Electric parking brake developments Electronic stability control system developments Braking assistance system developments Predictive emergency brake control developments Brake-by-wire developments Other brake system innovations Regenerative braking systems Autonomous Emergency Braking
Mercedes' sophisticated brake-by-wire system failed on his team-mate's Silver Arrows two laps from home and sent Nico Rosberg skidding out of second place.
First introduced in 2005 at the North American Auto Show, it is the first vehicle in the world to successfully integrate a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system with advanced technologies such as steer-and brake-by-wire controls, wheel hub motors, lithium-ion batteries and a light-weight aluminium structure.
Advanced systems such as head-up display, fibre optics, controlled area networks, hybrid fuel, adaptive cruise-control, drive and brake-by-wire are increasingly standard on cars, demanding extreme proficiency of technicians in electronics and diagnostics.
com) is working on an electronic wedge brake (EWB) that not only is part of a brake-by-wire system, but works with a 12-volt electrical system.
According to the company, EHB is a "wet" brake-by-wire system with a software package that balances hydraulic braking force and electrical regeneration.
The Prius includes all sorts of intriguing features such as brake-by-wire system,electric air con and a button for all- electric drive in which it will run silently up to 35mph.
Dubbed the LF-S, to mean Lexus Future-Sedan, it is expected to have four wheel drive, plus steering and brake-by-wire technology when it reaches production.