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Among all tumor biological parameters analyzed between male and female subgroups, only significantly higher tumor proliferation based on BrdUrd in female than in male tumors was indicated (p=0.048).
At the same day, Birds (n = 6 birds/group) were injected with 5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine (BrdUrd, sigma) intraperitoneally at a dose of 50 ig/kg BW, 1 h later, samples of medial duodenum and medial jejunum were removed and treated according to the method described by Iji et al.
BrdUrd is a uridine analogue, which can be incorporated into cells at the S phase, and BrdUrd incorporation into proliferating cells can be used to study the cell kinetics (Thoolen, 1990).
BrdUrd labeling of s-phase cells in tests and small intestine of mice, using microwave irradiation for immunogold-silver staining: an immunocytochemical study.
The BrdUrd assay then was preformed as described above.
Preanalytical influences on salivary ghrelin values were calculated by ANOVA (Kruskal-Wallis), as were the differences in BrdUrd incorporation between the ghrelin-stimulated cells.
We observed a dose-dependent increase in BrdUrd incorporation (3.7 [micro]g/L ghrelin, P <0.05; 7.5 [micro]g/L, P <0.01; 30 [micro]g/L, P <0.001; Fig.
We observed significantly increased incorporation of BrdUrd into the primary cells compared with untreated control cells.