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BWAYBreakaway Solutions (stock symbol)
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Brooks, who has more than 30 years of IT services and software experience with companies including Oracle, Cambridge Technology Partners, Breakaway Solutions and Symphony Services, is the CEO of the merged companies.
Prior to Endeca, Comparato held management roles with Keane, Breakaway Solutions and Cambridge Technology Partners.
467 $220,000 20% 45% First Consulting Group 1,122 $214,000 20% 68% Tanning Technology 340 $207,000 24% 50% Digitas 1,589 $205,000 14% 58% Breakaway Solutions 641 $203,000 16% 53% Inforte 340 $203,000 <15% 65-70% Answerthink 1,376 $191,000 24% 54% Agency.
New application service provider Breakaway Solutions Inc has won the contract from Sun Microsystems Inc to host and distribute Sun?
Breakaway solutions and innovative approaches are rare.
They did so well that the company has now been snapped up by the United States' Nasdaq-quoted Breakaway Solutions corporation for IRpounds 15 million in a cash and stock deal.
Breakaway Solutions Inc, a Boston-based e-commerce consulting firm more than tripled its $14 offer price to close at $42.
Front office software house Clarify Inc is expected to announce its first move into applications hosting today, through an agreement with new applications service provider Breakaway Solutions Inc.