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BVBaja Verapaz (Guatemala; territorial division)
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BVBattlefield Visualization
BVBooster Vehicle (National Missile Defense ground based interceptor program)
BVBereits Vorgelegt (German, legal)
BVBewakingsvaartuig (Dutch: Surveillance Vessel)
BVBooking Value (sales commission calculation)
BVBulletin of Verification (Canada Post)
BVBureau Voucher
BVBuilding Void
BVBus Vectored
BVBourn-Vita (Cadbury's drink)
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The market's highest MOSFET breakdown voltage, together with a complete set of integrated features and minimal external circuitry let designers save bill-of-materials costs and board space while boosting reliability in applications such as power supplies for 1-phase and 3-phase smart energy meters, 3-phase industrial systems, air-conditioners, and LED lighting.
Pre Qualification: Eoi for procurement of combined insulation, breakdown voltage and electrical continuity tester Eligibility Criteria : EOI FOR PROCUREMENT OF COMBINED INSULATION, BREAKDOWN VOLTAGE AND ELECTRICAL CONTINUITY TESTER Document Purchase Start date : 12 Apr 2019 Document Purchase End date : 11 May 2019 Opening date : 13 May 2019
For example, an experimental study during the technological cycle of the breakdown voltage U of insulation of the wire with a nominal diameter of 0.56 mm indicates that during different technological periods the dynamics of the diametrical thickness t of the enamel can vary significantly (Fig.
In addition, a high breakdown voltage of 730 V was achieved by increasing the distance between the gate and the drain electrodes.
Temperature Dependence of the Breakdown Voltage. The breakdown voltage of the SPAD strongly decreases with decreasing temperature, as shown in Figure 5.
Moreover, nanofluids enhance the breakdown voltage of base fluids, one of the most challenging works is to improve the heat transfer.
As seen in Figures 3-5, a little bit addition of [SF.sub.6] to these gases has significantly increased the breakdown voltage values.
Downstream of the monochromator, the beam passed through a rotating two-slot chopper wheel at 3% duty cycle to minimize ionization of the ambient gas, which could influence the breakdown voltage and sparking behavior.
However, since the electric field is maintained only between the P-type diffusion layers, this structure increases the size of the IGBT when a large breakdown voltage is required.
The breakdown voltage is typically measured at reverse current of 10 [micro]A.
Previously it has been shown that to fabricate diodes with high breakdown voltage, highly resistive i-region of p-i-n SiC diodes needs to be created by epitaxial growth of thin SiC layer (free from micropipe defects) [7, 8].
* Breakdown voltage and dielectric strength up to 4 kVDC.