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BTFWBreaking the Fourth Wall (band)
BTFWBehind The Firewall
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Writer Apostolos Doxiadis eases the transmission of this information by letting us in not only on debates between the creative team as to how best to tell Russell's story but occasionally breaking the fourth wall to engage the reader directly on the significance of particular elements of the story.
Frequently breaking the fourth wall with self-referential comments and strange conclusions, it was one of the odder shows on the box.
It is at the root quite theatrical: the breaking of boundaries, the concept of art as performance, the notion of breaking the fourth wall, the exploitation of collage and assemblage.
Allan Brocka has used the unusual device of breaking the fourth wall to have X speak directly to the audience, who informs us right away that this is a movie and it's about his life--which in turn must be pretty interesting, because, hey, you're watching a movie about it
I was also very impressed that he has no problem with breaking the fourth wall, inserting himself in a manner of speaking, into the strip where need be--very reminiscent of the classic Daffy Duck cartoon Duck Amuck by the late great Chuck Jones.
Later, Alim turns to the audience, breaking the fourth wall, and says that since he's "with you" (the viewer), "tell him I miss him sometimes.
Yatco's latest challenge is serving as musical director and arranger for 'The Ensemble: Breaking the Fourth Wall,' the first in this year's Triple Threats musical series of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).
Noted for its use of breaking the fourth wall, it featured Shandling playing himself and often speaking directly to the camera.
y , " It's why Deadpool can get away with constantly breaking the fourth wall, talking directly to the audience, sometimes derisively, but despite the sardonic wit and twisted sense of humour, he's so engaging that you can't help but be drawn in.
If the artist's installations have externalized this phenomenon by breaking the fourth wall of the projected image through the interference of objects, mirrored refractions, and 3-D simulations, this book returns to the world of the mind.
And a key convention of the show -- band members breaking the fourth wall to address the audience directly -- is used unevenly, abandoned for long stretches and suddenly popping up when it doesn't feel needed.