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References in classic literature ?
As fast as we hooked a net the two ends of it, buoy and boat, came together as they dragged out astern; and so many buoys and boats, coming together at such breakneck speed, kept the fishermen on the jump to avoid smashing into one another.
Looking around I saw on the north side of the coming party two other men, riding at breakneck speed. One of them I knew was Jonathan, and the other I took, of course, to be Lord Godalming.
Over the past years since Villar, a defeated presidential aspirant, took the helm at the family business, All Home has expanded its network in the country at breakneck speed.
Needless to say, motorcyclists drive at a breakneck speed in a zigzag manner without taking into consideration cars, pedestrians and even heavy vehicles such as coaches.
As you rev and rotate your wailing motorcycle through each impressively dynamic obstacle course at breakneck speed, the background is alive with pyrotechnics, speeding trains and, in one early highlight, a vicious alien beast, glimpsed as you race through a green-screen movie studio.
SPECIAL SKILLS: Fluffy little Truffles has many endearing hobbies, including chasing her older sister Poppy around at breakneck speed and playing with the toy hedgehog she stole from Bob, the cat next door.
Singh on Thursday highlighted the future of growing power consumption in India, with an expand in the per capita energy consumption at a breakneck speed.
"Reacting, the 54-year-old started her car and left the area at breakneck speed."
Brian shows that all this spectacle on Earth signals that we are thundering through the universe at breakneck speed.
Merryweather, Wavertree The River Mersey The river Mersey is awesome When it is at high tide Sea horses gallop at breakneck speed To reach the other side The Iron Men stand on the beach They look for another place As the waves wash over them daily They seem to watch each race A trio of rivers feed into the Mersey The Irish Sea helps too Great liners and freighters sail up this river Whilst passengers admire the view If you want to cross the Mersey Visit attractions on either side You can cross by car, train, or ferry See why we're full of pride Margaret Lyon, via email
This will be significant change at breakneck speed. Even changes of this scale and pace may not be enough for some Nationalists but these plans will be bold enough to bring most Scots together.
It also features the revolving Russian Swing, which catapults its 10-strong troupe high into the big top at breakneck speed.