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BFGBig Friendly Giant (Roald Dahl book)
BFGBundesanstalt für Gewaesserkunde (Germany: Federal Institute of Hydrology)
BFGBoot Failure Guard
BFGBattlefleet Gothic (game)
BFGBound for Glory (wrestling)
BFGBound for Glory (band)
BFGBank Für Gemeinwirtschaft (Germany)
BFGBritish Forces Germany
BFGBio Force Gun (Doom movie)
BFGBund Für Geistesfreiheit (German)
BFGBest Friend's Girlfriend
BFGBest for Gaming
BFGBig Freaking Gun (polite form)
BFGBlue Fire Group (Denver, CO)
BFGBig Fat Grin
BFGBible Fellowship Group
BFGBig Fat Guy
BFGBlast Field Generator
BFGBasic Food Group
BFGBangor Forest Garden (Wales, UK)
BFGBerkeley Frisbee Group
BFGBeat-Frequency Generator
BFGBF Goodrich Corporation (Benjamin Franklin Goodrich)
BFGBig Freakin' Guitar (polite form)
BFGBinary Frequency Generator
BFGBig Freakin' Grin (polite form)
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Yakubu said proper breastfeeding help children to gain appropriate nutrients, important antibodies, healthy weight, reduce disease risk and make them smarter.
The health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby are widely acknowledged, but while global breastfeeding initiation rates at birth remain high at around 60-95%, these are gradually declining over time.
Minister for Women Development Ashifa Riaz Fatyana said that multi-factorial determinants of breastfeeding required supportive measures at various levels in various departments.
To have 60.6 percent of infants breastfeeding at 6 months of age
She revealed that breastfeeding was not costly for mothers as the milk was readily available and it helped the mother to bond with the baby.
For more information ONWORLD Breastfeeding Week, visit
The ruling Awami League government is working to increase the breastfeeding rate of children and improve maternal and child nutrition, she added.
Workplace support for breastfeeding takes different forms.
UNICEF has contributed to the observed progress by working with government at federal and provincial level to promote infant and young child feeding in general and optimal breastfeeding through support of mass media campaign to promote breastfeeding, by working with government to creating an enabling environment for promotion and protection of breastfeeding and strengthen government capacity to enforce existing legislation.
Providing a safe environment for breastfeeding can boost female staff morale and increase productivity while minimising disengagement and absenteeism.
A study in South India found that knowledge of the participants was inadequate in areas of "time of initiation of breastfeeding (92%), colostrum feeding about (56%), and duration of exclusive breastfeeding (38%), knowledge on expressed breast milk (51%) and continuation of breastfeeding while baby is sick"10.
4 Low back pain is common in lactating mothers due to weakness after birth and faulty posture that mothers adopt during breastfeeding by bending over their child instead of taking baby towards them by putting pillows or using any props.