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BFNBye for Now
BFNBundesamt für Naturschutz (German)
BFNBuffer Number
BFNBuenafuente (Spanish TV program)
BFNBokföringsnämnden (Swedish: Swedish Accounting Standards Board)
BFNBig Fat Negative
BFNBreastfeeding Network (UK)
BFNBuffalo Free-Net (New York)
BFNBrutto für Netto (German: Gross for Net)
BFNBritish Forces Network
BFNBeam-Forming Network
BFNBeroeps Fotografen Nederland (Dutch: Professional Photographers Netherlands; est. 1919)
BFNBass Federation Nation
BFNBrowns Ferry Nuclear
BFNBloemfontein, South Africa - Jbm Hertzog (Airport Code)
BFNBlue Falcon Networks (now Akimbo Systems)
BFNBridge to Future Networks
BFNNode B Frame Number (counter; 3GPP specification)
BFNBig Fat Nothing
BFNBeam Frequency Network
BFNBig for Nothing
BFNBumpfire.Net (discussion forum)
BFNBumflip Nowhere (polite form)
BFNBand Formation Notice
BFNBarrhaven Freecycle Network
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The Breastfeeding Network aims to be an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and others.
5] Bearing in mind these overwhelming benefits, WHO along with grassroots nongovernmental organizations such as the International Baby Food Action (IBFAN), Breastfeeding Network, Centre for Disease Control's Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, and the National Women's Health Information Centre have played a large role in encouraging governmental departments to promote exclusive breastfeeding.
Refer to the Breastfeeding Network document Thrush and Breastfeeding for guidance on treatment and self-help measures (Breastfeeding Network, 2013).
Wendy Jones, Breastfeeding Network pharmacist, says: "Mums who choose to breastfeed and who also take medication or need surgery need extra specialist information and support.
19) Following this logic, in 2008 the Ministry of Health, through the adoption of lines of care aimed at promoting breastfeeding in primary care, proposed the Brazil Breastfeeding Network (Rede Amamenta Brasil), which is guided in continuing education for health professionals and aims to integrate with the other networks and initiatives to support and encourage breastfeeding.
The Global Breastfeeding Summit and the first meeting of the Global Breastfeeding Network members will also take place at EiP 2013.
The Breastfeeding Network said the message suggests breastfeeding is the preferred - rather than the normal - way to feed babies.
uk The Breastfeeding Network (BfN) is an independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women and those involved in their care.
The Breastfeeding Network says the slogan portrays breastfeeding as something special rather than as the norm, but the Department of Health says it is only following official guidance.
Ongoing campaigns by organizations such as The Breastfeeding Network in the UK have done well to communicate to large numbers of women that breastfeeding is the healthiest and most natural way for mothers to feed their babies.