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B-BBreath-by-Breath (oxygen/carbon dioxide transfer)
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Breath-by-breath systems allow determination of end-tidal CO2 (PetCO2) as well as mixed-expired CO2 ([P.
1973) On-line computer analysis and breath-by-breath graphical display of exercise function tests.
ATS 2010 is a great opportunity to encourage clinicians and researchers from around the world to 'Think Outside the Box' and experience the advantages of Angeion's diagnostic products, particularly our true breath-by-breath capabilities," said Rodney A.
Complete Metabolic Stress Testing Solution Provides True Breath-by-Breath Analysis
After each 10-minute period, 100 breaths were recorded and breath-by-breath analyses were performed on the acquired data.
Technological advances today have contributed to the development of portable rapid-response breath-by-breath metabolic systems.
On a breath-by-breath basis, the revolutionary algorithm utilizes Respironics' core technologies to adjust pressure support upon detecting a sleep event, such as an apnea, hypopnea or periodic breathing, to stabilize the patient's breathing pattern.
This compact, easy-to-use system provides true breath-by-breath analysis of cardiorespiratory function during exercise on the most symptom-limited adult and pediatric patients to elite athletes.
The claim by machine manufacturers that, through breath-by-breath analysis, the exact breath of AT can be pinpointed is not believable.
d) One of the disadvantages of assessing gas and ventilatory variables on a breath-by-breath basis is that the response data reflect not only the true physiological signal of interest, but also breath-by-breath fluctuations in breathing patterns.
The Company has also developed a very fast oxygen sensor that enables real-time, breath-by-breath analysis for metabolic, critical care and other respiratory function applications.
The GA-200 provides a 10 millisecond response time which allows measurement of breath-by-breath changes in respiratory gas concentrations.