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BZBautzen (german auto license plate)
BZBerliner Zeitung (German: Berlin Times)
BZBrillouin Zone
BZBelousov-Zhabotinsky (reaction; thermodynamics)
BZBlutzucker (German: Blood Sugar)
BZBenzimidazole (organic compound)
BZBelow Zero
BZBenzodiazepine (class of sedative drugs)
BZBravo Zulu (term for Good Job/Well Done)
BZBolzano - Bozen (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)
BZBuffer Zone
BZBenzilic Acid
BZBreathing Zone
BZBraunschweiger Zeitung (German newspaper)
BZ3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate
BZBattle Zone
BZBone Zone
BZBeach Zone
BZBronx Zoo (New York)
BZBelow Zone
BZBacitracin Zinc (antibiotic)
BZBranch on Zero (IBM)
BZBundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
BZBionicle Zone
BZBleedzao (discussion forum)
BZBuckled Zones
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These manufacturers mounted the photometer in the breathing zone, directly connected to the cyclone/ impactors from which they receive their sample flow.
The personal ventilation system provides air in the breathing zone.
Contaminant (Freon 134a) concentrations in the breathing zone for four hybrid systems are shown in Figure 6, where mean contaminant concentration is the mean value of local contaminant concentration at different measurement locations, and the local contaminant concentration is the average of the contaminant concentration at one location over the measurement period.
Surgical and high filtration masks do not seal the face and dangerous contaminants may be allowed to enter the breathing zone if the OR staff.
Second, personal breathing zone measurements of responders' exposures to vinyl chloride were not collected, so it is impossible to correlate vinyl chloride exposure levels with symptoms.
This paper analyzes the human body/ozone reaction and the transport of the oxidation products to the breathing zone (BZ) of a seated person.
Prof Howarth said: "With such a significant reduction in exposure to allergens, we believe that targeting this equipment specifically to the breathing zone of a patient may succeed in an area where so many other measures, including air filters, have failed.
The other part of the exhalation from the source per son flows directly to the target person's breathing zone or to the thermal boundary layer.
Severity of their effects depends on concentration of pollutants in a breathing zone, he said.
The workstations' AirSafe automatic safety controller displays, monitors, and maintains proper airflow so fumes and vapors do not enter the operator's breathing zone.
The AirMaster was developed to improve indoor air quality in busy interior environments such as schools, hospitals and offices - anywhere where there is a lot of feet treading in dust and stirring it up into the breathing zone.
After sharing our findings with employee and management representatives in an interim letter, we returned to the facility to collect personal breathing zone and general area air samples for lead and specific VOCs.