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[] is the required volumetric flow rate for outdoor air in the breathing zone, [ft.sup.3]/min (L/s)
Compared with mixing ventilation, displacement ventilation may produce a worse air quality in the breathing zone if the auxiliary exhaust is located at the lower part of the restroom door.
The minimum ventilation rates in breathing zone from Table requires 7.5 cfm/person and 0.12 cfm/[ft.sup.2] for kitchen (cooking) space.
He found that heavier pollutants tend to settle down into the child breathing zone just above the floor and get re-dispersed as young children--simulated by R2D2 in the study--move about.
These manufacturers mounted the photometer in the breathing zone, directly connected to the cyclone/ impactors from which they receive their sample flow.
To examine the distribution of indoor pollutants and determine the optimal IAQ sensor positioning, for each of the 11 simulation cases, the pollutant concentration profiles in the whole chamber were generated and the mean values of pollutant concentrations were calculated in the breathing zone defined as the space between planes 7.55 and 180 cm [3 and 72 inch] above the floor and further than 60 cm [2 ft] from the walls.
The personal ventilation system provides air in the breathing zone. When the system is in the cooling mode, cooling capacity is provided by the radiation panel and the cooled ventilation air.
"Surgical and high filtration masks do not seal the face and dangerous contaminants may be allowed to enter the breathing zone if the OR staff.
Majid Al-Hokair, deputy chairman of the Al-Hokair Group for Tourism and Development and deputy chair for Tourism Committee at Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Council of Saudi Chambers, told Arab News that the new park adds large breathing zone and recreational attraction for the population.
Because personal breathing zone measurements of responders' exposures to vinyl chloride were not collected, it is impossible to correlate vinyl chloride exposure levels with symptoms.
The aggravating particles increase at night when body heat and movement carry them from the bedding area to the breathing zone.