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BZKMinisterie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties
BZKBenzalkonium Chloride (topical antiseptic)
BZKBriansk (Russia)
BZKBilly Ze Kick (band)
BZKBiro Zelene Karte (Slovenian: Green Card Bureau)
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In "Confronting Case Blue: Briansk Front's Attempt To Derail The German Drive To The Caucasus, July 1942" Sdvizhkov takes a close look at the attempt by the Briansk Front's Operational Group Chibisov to collapse the northern shoulder of the German drive to the Caucasus--north-west of Voronezh--in July 1942.
The child remained with her uncle--now her legal guardian--and paternal grandmother when Smyshliaeva left in 1944 to visit her own mother in Briansk. In 1949 the uncle began living with a woman named Ievskaia, who continued to care for Stalina after she and the uncle separated.
An ethnographer working in the village of Gadyshi, Valdaiskii uezd, Novgorod guberniia, in the summer of 1921 noted that the `speech of men is more curt, simple and crude than that of women'; and also that mat was less widespread than in the more southern central provinces of Briansk, Orel and Tula: M.
A group of workers of the Briansk Factory and other suspicious individuals came into the city administration and demanded that I leave my position forthwith.
The cities of Leningrad and Rostov-on-Don were also organized into sectors, and health clinics of neurology and psychiatry were set up in 11 other cities located in the European part of Russia: in addition to Leningrad and Rostov-on-Don, these included Viatka, Voronezh, Ufa, Briansk, Orel, Penza, Tambov, Tver', and Nizhnii Novgorod.
"Des liasses de bulletins ont ete jetees dans l'urne a Briansk, Tambov, Nijni-Novgorod ou encore Novossibirsk", recense par ailleurs Iabloko, dont le candidat, Grigori Iavlinski, a ete disqualifie pour l'election fin janvier, au motif d'irregularites dans la collecte des deux millions de signatures de soutien.
There were more than 20,000 in Moscow oblast." A composite choir of 700 performers from collectives in Moscow, Leningrad, Briansk, Kuibyshev, Penza, and Sverdlovsk oblasts performed in the Bolshoi Theater on 17 January 1960 to mark the finale of the First All-Russian Amateur Arts Festival for students at professional-technical schools.
La liste des zones touchees comprend notamment la region de Briansk, au sud-ouest de Moscou, a la frontiere du Belarus et de l'Ukraine, oE 28 feux de foret ont ravage 269 hectares.
Boris Komskii wrote from Trubchevsk in Briansk oblast in October 1943: "It's a strange state of affairs: the Germans ceaselessly babble about Jewish Bolsheviks, and the local women refer to the Germans [nemtsy] as mute Jews [nemye zhidy]." (103) The comparison seems absurd at first, but this is not the case.
Autre region qui preoccupe les autorites russes, celle de Briansk (sud-ouest), a la frontiere avec l'Ukraine, dont le sol et les vegetaux contamines en 1986 pendant l'explosion de la centrale nucleaire de Tchernobyl pourraient en cas d'incendie propager cette pollution radioactive.